How to take a break and refocus your mind

There’s no denying that balancing family, work and social commitments can make you feel like a circus act with too many plates in the air. Eventually, something will come crashing down and you’ll have to try and find a way to pick up the pieces. It can be stressful trying to make time for all the important things in your life, and sometimes we forget to look after ourselves.

That can be especially true for those in demanding, high-powered roles. We become consumed by that deal that we desperately need to get over the line, or that upcoming meeting that simply has to go well. But when we are so immersed in our jobs, it can be easy to lose sight of the things that are truly valuable, such as our own health and wellbeing. That’s why taking a break from work is so important.

When you’re feeling stressed or worn out, sometimes the only way to avoid fatigue is to take a breather and come back feeling refreshed. Here are five useful tips on how to refocus your mind.


Whether it’s a page-turning thriller, a fascinating autobiography or a gossip magazine, reading is a great way of taking a break from work. It offers a form of escapism that allows us to switch off and immerse ourselves in an entirely different world, away from the stresses and strains of the task at hand. There are many health benefits of reading, too – studies have shown that it can increase our emotional intelligence, improve our confidence and delay the onset of dementia.


If the written word isn’t really your thing, perhaps meditation would be more suited. It can be difficult to know how to refocus your mind, but research has found that even a 15-minute session of calm introspection can reduce tendencies towards distraction by up to 22%. Meditation doesn’t have to mean turning the lights down in your office, closing the blinds and lighting dozens of candles – all it takes is for you to sit or lie somewhere comfortable, relax and focus on your breathing rather than your work.


It might sound simple, and it may be the last thing you feel like doing if you spend most of your day on the phone, on video conferences and in boardroom meetings, but taking a break from work and talking to someone outside the office environment can work wonders for your wellbeing. That person might be a friend, a family member or even a professional. Sometimes, chatting to a stranger can be hugely beneficial and talking therapy may help you to unload some of the job-related stress you find yourself under.


Getting the blood pumping and breaking a sweat might not be everyone’s idea of a relaxing break, but the benefits of exercise are vast and varied. And it doesn’t have to be high-intensity activity to have the desired effect. Even a gentle stroll out on your lunch hour can allow you to release some endorphins, clear your mind and gain a fresh perspective. If done regularly, it can also help you to establish a routine and ensure you’re not sat in a stuffy office for hours on end.


The above are all useful hints and tips that can help you on a daily basis. But sometimes, taking a break from work needs to last longer than half an hour here and there. Occasionally, we all need an extended rest and that’s where the joys of travelling really come into their own. Whether it’s a few days’ sightseeing as part of a city break, a week by the pool in a sun-drenched private villa, or a month’s leave to explore a far-flung corner of the world, we should all make the most of our holiday time. There’s simply no better way to get away from it all and indulge yourself with a period of well-earned rest and recuperation.

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