Empty Legs


Empty legs are flights with pre-defined departures and destinations. Perfect for short notice leisure trips, they are the best value option to fly VistaJet.

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  • What is an empty leg flight?

    If you fly regularly by private jet, then chances are you might have taken an empty leg flight before. But what does it actually mean?

    If a client books a private flight the aircraft will potentially need to fly to another destination to pick up its next client. Therefore, this connecting flight (known as a ferry) is the ‘empty leg’ of a one-way private chartered flight.

    Empty leg flights will have a pre-determined aircraft type, departure date and time, and destination. The details of an empty leg flight generally will not be released until a few days before it is due to depart.

    Other names for private empty leg flights include ‘dead legs’, ‘empty sectors’ or ‘one-way transients’. Essentially, these are all the same type of flight

  • What are the benefits of an empty leg flight?

    Because of the nature of their pre-determined requirements, empty leg seats can often be a cost-effective way to book private jet travel.

    Sometimes up to 75% cheaper than a regular private charter fare, empty leg charters are a great way of accessing private jet travel, providing that you can be flexible with your arrangements or manage to find a one-way flight that meets all your travel needs.

    Because of the volume of single private chartered flights being taken, there are typically many empty legs available at any given time, from airports all around the globe. If you have a schedule that is fairly flexible and open to change, then hopefully there will be a single flight that fits in with your schedule at a price that suits your budget.

  • What do I need to be aware of when booking an empty leg flight?

    While empty leg private flights offer a cost-effective way to travel in luxury, they also come with exact departure airports, destinations and timings. This eliminates the spontaneous nature of private jet travel that many clients prefer or require as part of their busy lifestyle. If you need to be in a certain place at a certain time for a meeting or an appointment, then an empty leg flight might not be for you.

    Unlike a traditional private flight, your empty leg jet will be flying in from another destination before you board, therefore your flight time will depend on when the aircraft lands and is ready to depart again.

    The exact timings of your empty leg flight are based on the original passenger’s flight requirements; therefore, the final availability and departure details might not be available until just before you are due to depart. This is why a degree of flexibility is essential when booking this type of flight. For example, if the original flight is cancelled, then your empty leg flight will no longer be available, so you will need to make other travel arrangements at the last minute. This mode of travel, therefore, will not suit some passengers for whom reliability and precise timings are of huge importance when booking a private charter flight.

    You will also need to ensure that your return journey is covered independently as this will only be a one-way flight. You can either book a separate chartered private flight for your return journey or find another mode of travel. Our team can help you find suitable options that work for you, often combining empty leg flights with standard private charter flights.

    If you see an empty leg journey that corresponds with your preferred journey timeframe but not with your exact required destination, then get in touch with a member of the VistaJet Sales team to see if there’s a possibility to modify the flight destination. In some cases, there may be an option to re-route the empty leg flight plan to a nearby airport, so it’s always worth asking the question.

  • When might an empty leg flight be a good option?

    If you are looking for all the benefits that come with private jet travel, at a price that is not too far away from a regular scheduled flight cost, then empty leg flights could very well work for you. Providing that you can be flexible in terms of departure date and/or destination, then an empty leg jet might be a perfect option for you and your guests.

    Perhaps you have some time available and are looking for a last-minute trip. If you are feeling spontaneous and don’t really have a set idea of which destination you want to travel to, then an empty leg could perfectly fit the bill. If you can be totally flexible about your flight time and don’t mind if there could be delays or last-minute changes to your schedule, then you could secure an amazing deal and a great adventure at the same time. Remember that empty leg flights are only one-way, so you will always have to organise your return journey separately.

    When flying on an empty leg flight, you will receive all the regular benefits of flying with VistaJet. All our flights include a seamless flying experience with multi-lingual on-board service, two pilots, exclusive private dining options, restful family space, fine bed linen and signature wine lists to enjoy on route.

  • How much does an empty leg flight cost?

    The cost of an empty leg flight deal can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. Firstly, the destination and length of flight can cause the cost to change significantly, as well as the type of aircraft and how many passengers need to travel. Each empty leg is completely different and therefore the price will reflect this.

    If you are flexible enough with your plans and are just seeking a one-way flight, then you could benefit from a much-reduced air fare than a regular private jet charter service. Empty leg prices could be as much as 25-75% cheaper, depending on the particular flight details.

    If you want to enjoy a private flight experience at a reduced rate, then an empty leg charter could work out really well for you. Providing that you have an open mind when it comes to where you are flying to and are able to organise accommodation and return travel arrangements at the last minute, then you could be flying by private jet at a very reasonable, discounted price.

  • Where can I fly to on an empty leg flight?

    From Vancouver to Mykonos, there’s no limit to the destinations you can fly to on an empty leg private flight.

    Each flight is completely unique, but to give you an insight into where our empty leg charters could fly you to, here are a few of our most popular global destinations:

    Empty leg flights to the UK

    Travelling into the UK from Europe or further afar? We regularly offer empty leg flights into London Luton, Farnborough and Heathrow, as well as other private airports further north, making it easy for you to get to your hotel or office with total ease once you have touched down. Check the app for details of any UK flights or speak with one of our team for more information.

    Empty leg flights to Italy

    The distinctive silver and red aircraft frequently fly into Italian airports. Departing from many international airports around the world, you can book an empty leg flight to Naples, Rome, Pisa or Milan on one of our luxury jets. Whether it’s for business or relaxation, we will fly you into Italy in ultimate privacy and comfort.

    Empty leg flights to France

    Are you planning a last-minute trip to the South of France or a weekend of fine dining in Paris? Travelling with an empty leg private flight to France means your journey will be efficient, relaxed and completely personalised to your taste. We offer private flights into a vast range of French airports all year round, so we can get you where you want to be, with a service that it totally bespoke and personalised.

    Empty leg flights to Portugal

    Portugal offers a host of world-class golf courses, fine cuisine and sandy beaches, making it the perfect destination for a long weekend or an overnight stop-off on the way to another European destination. From Lisbon to Madeira or Santa Cruz, we cover a range of Portuguese airports with empty leg flights an option for each, depending on availability. Explore the app for the best upcoming empty leg deals to Portugal.

    Empty leg flights to the USA

    Whether you have a meeting in New York or are looking for an empty leg flight to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun with friends, we have frequent flights heading to the USA. Ready to explore the tropical climate of Miami or the clear blue waters of Nassau? We’ll look after every intricate detail when you fly with us to America.

    Empty leg flights to Canada

    Exploring Canada couldn’t be easier with private flights into a range of Canadian airports. Whether you are looking for an empty leg flight to Vancouver or Toronto, check our VistaJet app to see if there is a flight that suits your schedule of requirements.

    Empty leg flights to Dubai

    Our empty leg flights to Dubai offer an unparalleled flying experience to ensure you arrive into the city feeling rested and relaxed. Whether flying from the UK or another global destination, we will ensure maximum comfort and convenience into the United Arab Emirates, so you are ready to explore the skyscraper-filled metropolis and white sand beaches.

    Empty leg flights to Singapore

    Need a seamless and stress-free journey to Singapore? Let one of VistaJet’s prestigious fleet fly you to southeast Asia’s island city-state in style. We offer empty leg flights departing and arriving into Singapore, depending on your needs. Find a flight that works for you on our easy-to-use VistaJet app or check availability by requesting a quote.

    Empty leg flights to India

    Whether you are flying in for business or pleasure or both, our empty leg charter flights to India offer all the comforts and conveniences you can expect with private air travel. We have vast experience flying into Asia and will get you where you need to be with minimal time constraints and maximum enjoyment.

    Empty leg flights to Australia

    Charter an empty leg flight into Australia to visit Oceania’s largest country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Fly into the capital city of Canberra to experience Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin, or land in Sydney for its glorious harbour, beaches, Opera House and amazing food scene. Whatever your reason for flying to Australia, an empty leg flight could be a perfect option for you and your fellow travellers.