The VistaJet referral program

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The easiest way to earn complimentary flight hours

Members that invite friends, family and colleagues to join a VistaJet Program membership can earn complimentary flight hours.

For every friend you refer who signs a Program with us, we will give you 5% of your friend’s flight hours, funded in their first 12 months of flying. All reward hours earned will be added to your Program’s hours and made available for your use. Referrals are subject to terms and conditions. Please contact your VistaJet Sales representative to learn more.

Upon a successful referral and the signing and funding of their Program, new Members gain immediate access to the Vista Members’ fleet of over 300 aircraft and a dedicated personal team to manage their travel itinerary. In addition to Program Membership benefits, new Members can also enjoy VistaJet’s Private World offerings, from exclusive events to once in a lifetime travel experiences. To make a referral, please reach out to your sales advisor who can provide you with further details.


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