How to stay fit while travelling for work

Travelling can often be a vital part of work, especially when you’re a decision-maker and need to seal a deal, but it shouldn’t tamper with your current fitness regime.

Here are some ideas of how you can maintain your exercise routine as your work takes you around the world.

Pack equipment for room workouts

While you have a bit of downtime back at your hotel room, you could be using this time to train those muscles. By packing some small weights, resistance bands, and other fitness accessories, you’ll be able to complete your routine as you would if you were at home.

Items such as yoga mats are lightweight so ideal for taking on flights as they are great for floor workouts including abdominal exercises and yoga fitness. Combine this with a lightweight ab roller and you’ve got enough equipment for an entire session.

Be sure to book a hotel room or apartment with plenty of space, such as an executive suite or penthouse, so that you have ample amounts of room to perform your workout.

Bring your fitness clothing and accessories

Having the right clothing with you, including a good pair of running shoes, will encourage you to do more exercise while you’re away.

Bring things like your gym leggings and water bottle along with some smart headphones so that you can get out of the hotel room if you don’t like staying indoors during your downtime.

This way, you can go for a jog around the area and explore your surroundings during your trip all while keeping fit and active.

You could even make this a part of your morning routine before you head to your first appointment and walk to your meetings instead of driving or taking a taxi.

Source a hotel with a gym

If you want to exercise while travelling but don’t want to be weighed down with extra luggage such as workout equipment, it’s probably best you source a hotel or resort with an onsite gym as this way you can make use of the amenities.

Ensure that you scope out the best possible hotel for this, as you might want to unwind with a spa session afterwards or receive a professional massage to release any built-up tension from your workout sessions.

If you want to make sure that you’ve definitely got uninterrupted access to the gym space once you’ve finished work, you could try renting a full apartment with a gym room attached so that you don’t have to worry about not getting a space on your favourite machine.

Hire a personal trainer for your stay

A personal trainer can really help you keep on track with your fitness regime while you’re traveling for work.

Search the web for the best personal trainers in your area and prebook them for the duration of your stay so that you can keep on your a-game. Local personal trainers like these will also know the best running routes in the area so you can take the scenic route next time you’re on your way home from the office.

Use healthy meal subscriptions

Staying fit on the go isn’t just about learning how to exercise when travelling. Eating clean is one of the best ways to maintain your healthy diet and keep your mind and body performing its best.

However, when you’re travelling for work it might be hard to find the time to get groceries in between meetings. With a healthy meal subscription service, you can choose your favourite healthy dishes and have them delivered right to the door of where you’re staying, meaning that you can cook them up quickly and whenever you want them. This will stop you from eating fast food and saves more time for focusing on preparing for your next big meeting.

Fly with a comfortable airline

Using an elite and professional private jet airline like us means that you can enjoy comfort and luxury in style. Being able to fully relax and enjoy the flight means that you can conserve your energy for once you land and you’ll leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

VistaJet allows clients to feel and perform at their best, from start to finish of their journey with us.

How to stay fit while travelling the world with us

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