Private Jet Hire to/from South Africa

At VistaJet, we pride ourselves on offering seamless travel experiences across the globe. Known for our distinctive silver and red aircraft, our private jets offer luxury and comfort so that you can travel to your destination in style.

I want to know more about private charter flights to South Africa. Where can your jets take me?

At VistaJet, we can arrange your private charter flights to South Africa, as well as helping you with private jet flights from South Africa. If you are making your way to Johannesburg for a family holiday, or are hoping to meet friends in Cape Town, there a number of beautiful destinations that you can visit when you choose to hire a private jet with us.

Whether you need to travel from South Africa to Europe for work, want to sightsee in Rome or catch up with friends in Berlin, allow VistaJet to get you there on one of our private jets.

What’s the cost of hiring a private jet in South Africa?

Depending on the type of aircraft you choose to travel on, your choice of destination, the duration of the flight and the number of passengers, the cost of hiring a private jet can vary significantly.

There are options such as empty leg flights available that will allow you to choose a more cost-effective way to travel. Due to the nature of their pre-determined requirements, empty leg seats can be much cheaper than a regular private charter fare.

How can I book private charter flights to or from South Africa?

At VistaJet, you can enjoy all the benefits of a personal jet, without any of the responsibilities. When it comes to booking a private jet to or from South Africa, allow one of the experts from our team to help by requesting a quote via the website. Shortly after your request, we will get in touch with you to find out more information about your journey and help you book your trip.

Get preferential access to empty leg flights and find out about our best rates by becoming a Direct Member.

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