Private Jet Flights to/from Florida

Famed for its beaches, theme parks and stunning scenery, Florida is a favourite spot for a weekend getaway or a family holiday. From the natural beauty of the Fountain of Youth to the delicious food for which the state is renowned, the Sunshine State offers a range of things to see and do – so, no matter whether you fancy hiking in Sarasota or catching some rays on the pristine beaches, you’re sure to have a memorable stay.

Board one of our private jets to and from Florida and take advantage of our outstanding onboard service. Our attentive staff are here to cater to your every need and desire, dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy a relaxing and convenient journey to your destination.

No matter whether you’re traveling solo or enjoying a romantic trip for two, rest assured that, when you fly with us, you’ll receive a private aviation experience unsurpassed by any other airline.

Can I book private flights to/from Florida?

Our vast experience providing air travel for some of the world’s most illustrious individuals has given us an insight into what makes an exceptional onboard experience. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consider even the tiniest facets of our in-flight service, to ensure that we consistently deliver above and beyond expectations.

Each jet in our fleet of 70 private aircraft has been meticulously designed to meet your specific needs and desires while onboard. We’re committed to providing you with a home away from home so, whether you’re taking private flights to and from Florida or elsewhere, we’ll have you traveling in comfort and style. Relax in a comfortable suite or catch up on work in one of our fully equipped business areas.

Sign up for one of our VistaJet memberships and book your private jet to and from Florida today. Get in touch and our expert team will design the perfect custom experience for you

How much is a private jet to/from Florida?

We’ve made it our mission to provide exceptional value through our membership packages, without compromising on our impeccable service. No matter how much you pay for your fare, our private jet service to Florida will always include our personalised in-flight cabin experience.

Benefit from all the advantages of owning a private plane without the hassle and gain access to discounted Empty Leg flights when you sign up for a VistaJet membership. You’ll travel in the utmost comfort and convenience onboard one of our deluxe private aircraft while your every need is cared for by our attentive in-flight team.

Try our cost calculator today to compare the cost of a VistaJet membership with your existing aviation solution and see how much you could save next time you book private flights to Florida.

How can I get Empty Leg private flights to/from Florida?

Our Empty Leg flights make organising last-minute travel quick and easy so, no matter whether you’re heading to an unexpected business meeting or jetting off for a spontaneous weekend in the sun, you can arrange private flights to and from Florida, or nearly any other destination, with minimal fuss.

VistaJet Direct members have the option to receive notifications of Empty Leg flights to locations of their choice. These are the most economical way to travel with VistaJet, with potential savings of up to 75%, so it’s worth taking advantage of them when you can.

Not only do Empty Leg flights cost less but they’re better for the environment, too, as they reduce the number of empty planes in the sky. As part of our sustainability goals, we’re committed to reducing the impact that private air travel has on our planet and have set ourselves the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

How to become an exclusive VistaJet member

Years of experience providing private air travel for high-flying executives has given us the knowledge to create two membership options for our clientele to choose between, in order to deliver them a convenient service which suits their lifestyle and personal requirements.

Our VistaJet Direct membership offers members preferential rates and exclusive access to Empty Leg flights, making it a convenient choice for busy individuals with ever-changing schedules.

Those who own a private jet may find that our Program membership provides them with better value. Members can book a private jet with as little as 24 hours’ notice, meaning that they receive all the benefits of owning a private plane. With only a fixed hourly rate, members need only pay for the time spent flying. There are no location limits, either, so they can travel all over the world for a very reasonable price.

We also offer bespoke membership packages which can be tailored to your lifestyle and specific travel requirements. Get in touch with our membership liaison team today and one of our aviation experts will be delighted to discuss your needs and create a custom package for you.

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