Private Jet flights to/from Europe

Travel seamlessly on one of VistaJet’s private jets to Europe to make any trip simple, convenient and comfortable. Our expert team will create an in-flight experience unrivalled by any other aviation company, working with you before the journey to prepare a cabin that meets your specifications then catering to your needs attentively while you are in the sky.

Whether you’re heading to Paris, Milan, Barcelona or beyond, you can be certain that we’ll get you there in comfort and style. Our fleet of over 70 aircraft has travelled to 96% of the world’s countries and over 1,900 different airports looking after clients with a variety of different in-flight requirements; no destination is too big a challenge.

Book Private Jets to/from Europe

We make the booking process easier than ever with over 1,000 aviation specialists who speak more than 60 languages collectively. We’ll listen to everything that you need for your private jet to Europe – from destination to onboard facilities – and help to build a flight package that’s just right.

If you’re travelling for an important business meeting, we can provide an ideal environment in which to get prepared, or you can opt for a family-friendly space that’s perfect for a weekend break. No matter what you opt for, of course, you’ll always enjoy our ultimate cabin experience as standard, carefully honed over years of delivering top-class service for our clientele.

So if it’s an important business meeting or a weekend break with your family, we understand that your time is precious which is why VistaJet will get you to where you need to be with the ultimate cabin experience to enjoy whilst you travel.

To find out more about membership and start planning your private jet flight to or from Europe, get in touch with us today.

The cost of private jets to/from Europe

Value is at the heart of the experience that we provide for our clients, without ever compromising on the excellence of our in-flight service.

The cost to fly in a private jet to Europe can vary depending on your aircraft, location and specifications for the journey and location but our members can take advantage of special rates. For a closer look at the price of private jets to or from Europe, use our cost calculator to see how our prices compare to your current aviation solution.

Empty Leg private jet flights to/from Europe

Last-minute leisure or business trips need not be stressful. With our Empty Leg flights, you’ll be able to take advantage of hugely reduced prices on predetermined departures and destinations.

Empty Leg flights help us to reduce the number of private jets flying without clients on board – a vital part of our sustainability initiative which is driving us towards our goal of carbon neutrality by 2025.

Becoming a Direct member is the best way to get full advantage from Empty Leg flights. Through exclusive use of our app, you’ll be able to set up notifications for when planes become available for your preferred flights, while receiving up to 75% off the price of private jets to or from Europe. If you make certain trips on a regular basis, or if you’re someone who loves the idea of spontaneous travel, it’s an unmissable opportunity.

Join the VistaJet community today

Get the most out of private jet flights to or from Europe with one of our VistaJet membership packages, each offering a slew of benefits depending on what kind of traveller you are.

Our Direct membership is the perfect solution for frequent flyers who require an efficient service, often at short notice. With this membership, you’ll have exclusive access to our app which offers you faster booking and access to Empty Leg flights at special rates which will dramatically reduce the cost to fly in a private jet to Europe.

Meanwhile, for those who want all the benefits of owning a private jet without the burden of maintenance, our Program membership is the obvious choice. You’ll be able to book one of the aircrafts in our hangar with as little as 24 hours’ notice. On top of this, Program members enjoy fixed hourly rates on any route, ensuring that you only ever pay for the time that you spend in the air.

To discuss your membership options further or explore a bespoke membership package that more specifically meets your requirements, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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