Private jet flights to/from Las Vegas and Honolulu (LAS/HNL)

Escape to the tropics and unwind in ultimate luxury or indulge in a glamourous trip to the Nevada desert with direct flights from Las Vegas to Honolulu, and vice versa, on board VistaJet’s luxurious private aircraft.

Providing comfort and convenience, our flights feature unrivalled cabin service with tailored packages that cater to your every wish. Regardless of whether you are speaking at a Las Vegas conference or enjoying the bright lights and endless entertainment on The Strip, your journey there should be effortless, relaxing and on your schedule.

Flights from Honolulu to Las Vegas and back again with VistaJet give you the ultimate travel experience every time.

Book private jet flights from Honolulu to Las Vegas

VistaJet provides international private aircraft services unlike any other. Our iconic fleet of over 70 aircraft flies to countless destinations in 187 countries worldwide. We can always get our clients to the hardest to reach destinations. We have arranged unparalleled flight experiences for private individuals, heads of state, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs the world over.

Book direct flights from Las Vegas to Honolulu and enjoy the ultimate cabin experience with us. Our onboard teams will provide everything you need for a seamless, comfortable journey.

Contact us today to find out how to book flights from Honolulu to Las Vegas and become a VistaJet member.

The cost of direct flights from Las Vegas to Honolulu

At VistaJet, we aim to make private air travel as value-oriented as it is pleasurable. In-flight service is never compromised, ensuring you enjoy every aspect of private air travel.

Our cost calculator can help you determine annual costs and savings compared to your current private air travel solution. We consider your annual flight hours and expenditure to estimate your potential savings.

Contact our team for more information on how our fixed hourly rate works and how we drive value with every flight.

Empty Leg and One-Way flights between Las Vegas and Honolulu

With pre-defined departure destinations and times, Empty Legs are our most value-oriented way to travel. Receive priority notifications of Empty Leg flights from Honolulu to Las Vegas through our VistaJet app; sign up to your most frequently used route information and save up to 75%.

For more flexibility but still with great value, One-Way flights with pre-arranged departure airports give you the choice of where to go at a value-conscious price.

Decreasing the number of excess and empty flights we run is pivotal to VistaJet’s sustainability program, helping us reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

Join the VistaJet member community

As a VistaJet member, you will enjoy unfettered access to our entire fleet of private aircraft – including the new, long-range Global 7500. Our Private World members’ benefits open the world even further, with exclusive access to a portfolio of private islands, yachts, villas and luxury accommodation.

Enjoy all the benefits of private jet travel without the responsibility of aircraft ownership. Our Program membership gives you guaranteed access with as little as 24 hours’ notice and a fixed hourly rate for every flight.

Direct membership allows for rapid booking, priority notification on Empty Leg flights and preferential rates. Designed with busy corporate travellers in mind, Direct aims to meet the demands of a hectic, international schedule.

Contact our membership services team for more information and to become a VistaJet member today.

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