Private Jet Flights Detroit to/from Las Vegas (DTW LAS)

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Booking flights from Detroit to Las Vegas has never been easier. VistaJet provide a stylish, comfortable, and reliable way to travel across the United States and beyond. Our in-flight experience is unrivalled, as we put our passengers at the heart of what we do. With VistaJet, luxury comes as standard making your trip one to remember.

We offer a variety of ways to travel with us, all dependent on what you need from our service. If you have a flexible schedule, a Direct membership is a great option as you can take advantage of our significantly discounted Empty Leg flights.

Can I book private flights from Las Vegas to Detroit with VistaJet?

Our iconic fleet of over 70 red and silver aircraft have covered over 96% of the world’s countries, including notably hard-to-reach areas, so your flight from Las Vegas to Detroit is no issue for us.

You may be travelling to Detroit to embrace the rich sporting and music culture the city has to offer or planning a business trip and need your flight as a space to prepare: whatever your motivation for travel, VistaJet will ensure you have all you need to make your flight from Las Vegas to Detroit perfect.

Can I book private flights from Detroit to Las Vegas too?

Yes, you can. Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is a very popular destination for our passengers.

We all know that Las Vegas is the party capital of the USA, so allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the wild nightlife and exquisite bars and restaurants the city has to offer. Alternatively, if business is the purpose for your journey, you might be visiting a seminar at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Whatever your reason for travel, VistaJet will ensure you arrive refreshed and well rested.

How much do private jets from Detroit to Las Vegas and vice versa cost?

There are a few variables that determine the cost of a private jet from Detroit to Las Vegas and vice versa. How many people are travelling, the type of aircraft you choose, and your booking method will all determine your bespoke price.

Becoming a Program member allows you to enjoy all the perks of owning your own private jet without the investment risk and responsibility. You will only ever pay for the hours you fly, with access to our fleet in as little as 24 hours. To determine just how valuable our Program membership is versus your current aviation solution, use our online cost calculator.

Alternatively, if you run on a flexible schedule, then becoming a Direct member is another great option. You can get One Way and Empty Leg bookings at preferential rates with savings of up to 75%. Download our VistaJet app and secure your flights as soon as they become available.

How to book a private jet between Las Vegas and Detroit

The quickest way to book flights from Las Vegas to Detroit is to become a Direct member and download the VistaJet app. You can find everything from our Empty Leg availability to our up-to-date flight schedule, helping you plan your perfect journey.

If you are a Program member, our private travel experts are on hand to offer you a bespoke flight plan to suit your needs. Whether you want flights from Detroit to Las Vegas or beyond, get in touch and we will help you get there.

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