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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, no means of transport offers you greater levels of luxury and comfort than a private aircraft. That feeling of soaring into the sky, putting your feet up and relaxing in your lavish surroundings is one aspired to by many.

If you would like to enjoy those privileges and book a private jet, that’s where VistaJet can help you. We own the largest private fleet of Bombardier business aircraft anywhere in the world, which means we can offer a level of service that is unmatched by anyone else.

We’ve flown to more than 1,900 airports in 96% of countries across the globe, so you can be sure that you’re dealing with the very best when it comes to private air travel. Once you book a private jet online with us, you’ll soon see why we’re setting the standards for others to follow, so read on for more information about the booking process and how VistaJet can help you soar above the clouds in style.

How to book a private jet

We understand that your lifestyle can prove hectic as you continually balance your home and work commitments. That’s why we’ve made it perfectly straightforward to book a jet through us.

All you need to do is fill out a few initial details in the form below, including:

Once you’ve entered all of the information, hit ‘Request flight’ and that’s the first step of your journey complete.

What happens next?

You’ll then receive an email from one of our private aviation executives, who will enquire about your availability for a follow-up phone conversation. During that chat, we’ll ask you about your desired destination, how many people you are making the booking for and any cabin experiences you would like to include on your flight.

These could include a wine program, private dining, activities for children and even care for any animals in your party thanks to our VistaPet scheme. We pride ourselves on making all our passengers as comfortable as possible, and we firmly believe our range of offerings is unrivalled.

Once you’ve outlined your needs, we’ll suggest the aircraft that is most suited to you and provide you with a price. If you’re happy with everything up to this point, you’re ready to book your private jet.

Do you have to be a member to book a jet?

Anyone can book a private jet with us, but our memberships offer certain privileges that you might wish to take advantage of. For example, Program members will have priority over non-members in the event of two requests for an aircraft to the same destination on the same day.

On top of that, our Direct members can earn significant discounts on our empty leg flights, travelling to all corners of the world in the utmost comfort and with a minimum of fuss. Members can also book a jet through our app and they can do so with less than 24 hours’ notice – perfect for the spontaneous traveller.

Take to the skies with VistaJet

If you would like to book a private jet online, we’re here to help. We strive to make the process as simple as possible, and our private aviation executives will always listen carefully to your needs and offer a satisfactory solution.

To book a private jet, please fill out the details in the form provided and we’ll start putting your package together. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about providing the luxury travel you deserve.

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