Charter Private Jet Flights to or from the Bahamas

Are you expected at an impromptu meeting? Or perhaps you are considering a last-minute trip away to soak up the sun? No matter whether you are flying for business or leisure, here at VistaJet we are committed to providing an unparalleled travel experience, which you can enjoy at a fraction of the price on one of our private jets to the Bahamas.

I’d like to know more about VistaJet’s empty leg options. What locations can I fly from on an empty leg private jet to the Bahamas?

Flying to over 96% of the world, we provide a truly global service – and our empty leg private flights to the Bahamas are no different. If you’d like to fly on a private jet from Miami to the Bahamas, or take a private flight from Havana, for example, allow VistaJet to get you there in style.

While departure locations on empty leg flights are predetermined, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find journeys from locations spread across the US, Cuba or even the wider world. Repositioning flights take place every day – it’s just a case of figuring out whether one works for your schedule.

How much does an empty leg seat on a private jet to the Bahamas cost?

An empty leg seat on a private flight to the Bahamas can be 25-75% cheaper than a regular fare. Of course, the price is dependent on a number of different factors, including the flight duration, the type of aircraft requested, the number of passengers boarding and where you are headed to and from. Use our cost calculator to discover the VistaJet value, and start saving with our empty leg fares.

How can I book an empty leg private flight to the Bahamas with VistaJet?

Here at VistaJet, we are on hand to help you arrange the perfect journey. To enjoy priority access to a fleet of over 70 jets and discover our empty leg flights, ensure that you become a Direct Member. Once you have signed up, you will receive notifications when an aircraft is ready to fly near you, or from a destination of your choice. For more information on empty leg private flights to the Bahamas, please contact a member of our team, or request a quote.