VistaJet Safety Management Systems

Safety technology

VistaJet leads the industry in pioneering and adopting the most advanced technologies in business aviation.

Our proactive approach towards safety prepares us to face the requirements for your worldwide flight needs.

Through a dedicated safety department, VistaJet has in place a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) to identify, assess, and mitigate risk for a safe operation and working environment for all VistaJet clients and employees.



VistaJet’s industry leading flight operations software is integrated with Osprey’s cutting-edge Flight Risk Assessment System to instantaneously assess every single flight, collecting data from 200,000 sources in 60 languages for a real-time view of global safety.

"We look at the most efficient way to fly, with safety being the core driver. By providing even more meaningful data to our inhouse experts, we are able to create a smoother flight experience for our clients. Safety is and must always be a common goal for all aviation companies, and we are proud to lead the way by adopting the most advanced innovation technologies available on the market ahead of anyone else in business aviation."

Nick van der Meer, VistaJet’s Chief Operating Officer



VistaJet partners with MedAire, the world's leading travel risk management solution provider. With over 30 years of aviation experience, MedAire provides 24/7 expert medical and security assistance in-flight and on the ground. With leading travel risk safety solutions integrated with best-in-class assistance, crew training, medical kits and equipment, our partnership helps ensure the health and safety of those on board.

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