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vistajet bombardier global 7500 interior seating

Since the start of the pandemic, aircraft cabin safety and regulating indoor air conditions has become a critical component of passengers’ and crew‘s health.

At VistaJet we want you to fly safely and peacefully — this is why all Global 7500 aircraft in our fleet have a Pũr Air* system to purify and replace cabin air with the fastest fresh air delivery available.

What is the Pũr Air system?

Pũr Air is a sophisticated air purification and circulation system featuring an advanced HEPA filter that rapidly purifies and replaces the cabin air —  the same technology is used to clean air in hospital rooms.

Available exclusively on the Global 7500 aircraft, Bombardier Pũr Air delivers cleaner air with better humidity and quicker heating and cooling than 100% fresh air only systems.

99.9% purification 

The HEPA filter1 in the Pũr Air system is capable of capturing up to 99.99% of particles passing through it and acts as an effective filter system that eliminates virus particles from the air. The system also captures mold, hair and bacteria particles, as well as eliminating odors and gases2 from the environment.

Air circulation

Swifter air circulation and replacement 

The fastest fresh air delivery system in the world, the Pũr Air system can completely refresh the cabin air in as little as 90 seconds — 25% faster than any other. As VistaJet has one of the youngest fleets in the market ­— equipped with the most advanced systems available — passengers will enjoy 100% fresh air every two to four minutes. This is a stark figure in comparison to the average home office filter, which will refresh the environment once every half hour or more.

Better humidity conditions 

Increased respiratory comfort, reduced nasal discomfort and better dermatological health are all benefits of the environment created by the Pũr Air system in your aircraft cabin.

Breathe easier with VistaJet

VistaJet is committed to working to further strengthen safety onboard. With rigorous health and safety standards, customers can fly safe knowing they are being looked after by the most experienced team.

Discover how to fly safe with VistaJet


1. The HEPA filter on the Global 7500 aircraft have a demonstrated test efficiency of up to 99.99% in capturing particles 0.3 microns in size, versus the minimum efficiency of 99.97% for the HEPA standard.

2. Activated carbon filter available on Pũr Air system installed on Global 7500 aircraft.

*Available on the Global 7500 aircraft. Global 7500 and Bombardier Pũr Air are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.

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