How COVID-19 could change the way we travel

The outbreak of the coronavirus has shaken up so many industries here in the U.S., with the travel and tourism sector being one of the biggest hit. We’re no longer just heading across from state to state to see friends and family or for important business meetings. When the world came to a halt at the start of the year, it was difficult to imagine whether or not anyone would ever travel again, or at least for quite some time.

With planes grounded, trains standing still and commuters and vacationers forced to stay at home, the effort to stop the virus in its tracks has meant many have lost money and have had to cancel a number of trips away.

Despite all this, the travel industry is beginning to bounce back, but how is coronavirus affecting travel? And what can we expect from the future of traveling and vacationing?

What will flying look like for many?

With many people still anxious about being around others, it’s easy to see why travelers are choosing to avoid commercial airlines. Not only does flying privately allow you to skip the queues and delays, it’s that little bit of luxury that we all want to enjoy (especially after a pandemic).

Founded in 2004, VistaJet has gone from strength to strength, offering you flights to destinations across the world. Having flown our passengers to over 1,900 airports in 96% of the world’s countries, whether you’re wanting to get away to Europe, Mauritius, or somewhere closer to home, you can put your trust in us.

Booking a private jet isn’t just for the A-listers and celebrities, and with the ever-increasing prices that commercial airlines are offering, chartering one of our luxury jets could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Thanks to our additional measures and strengthened safety and security procedures, you can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to make sure you, your travel companions and our crew are all safe while onboard. We might have made flying private simple, but your wellbeing and comfort is our top priority during your flight. Read more about our coronavirus procedures here.

Will staying in a hotel change?

It’s likely that no matter where your next stay is, whether you choose to have a staycation or jet off somewhere exotic, that things within the hotel will be a little different. When people choose to travel again, it’s likely that we’re all going to be a lot more cautious than we once were.

Many of the big hotel changes in the U.S. and across the world, as well as small independent establishments, have announced big changes that you should expect on your next visit. Whether that’s a reduction in services and some leisure and spa facilities not reopening yet, or the introduction of masks in hallways and elevators and no-contact checking-in and checking-out, the hotel experience is set to be slightly different to how it was pre-coronavirus.

If hotels are going to be successful now and in the future, they’re going to need to communicate clearly what they’re doing to keep guests safe. Whether that’s by way of social media, their website or even emailing guests with their new policies and procedures before they arrive, the travelers of today want to be informed and made to feel safe.

We expect that as hotels become accustomed to their new normal, the experience will still be just as pleasant as before – albeit with slight changes.

Villa life is returning

When you decide to set about planning your post-lockdown vacation, you may be considering what the best option is to make sure you remain socially distant, all while still having an enjoyable time. If the thought of staying around multiple households is a little daunting, why not take a look at luxury villas or whole house rentals as an option.

Whether you’re getting away with your friends, family, or as a couple, they’re the ideal solution that offers luxury living while being away from others. And you don’t need to worry about not having the same amenities as a hotel would, as many villas offer housecleaning services, personal chefs, and so much more that can completely transform your vacation.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility that a villa stay has to offer and get there in style on one of our many private jets.

COVID-19 will change the way we travel

No matter if the changes are here for a long time or a short while, the travel and tourism industry has been shaken up. The travelers of the post-coronavirus world want something very different than they did before.

If you’re planning your next vacation, why not speak to the experienced team here at VistaJet and arrive in style on one of our luxury private planes.

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