Explore the most high-tech cities in the world

With 96% global coverage and 187 countries available to our clients, the silver and red of VistaJet has seen the world in all its forms. One of our bigger roles for our clients is catering to luxury business trips, and because of that we regularly visit the biggest and brightest cities the world has to offer, including many bases of major tech companies around the world.

But what is the most high-tech city in the world? There’s definitely some stiff competition to be found all around the globe. Of course, we’ve got some pretty big names right here in the States, but where in the world should any serious tech nerd be looking to tick off their travel checklist?

Tokyo heads up the tech-trifecta of south-east Asia

Sometimes the most obvious answer to a complex question is the right one. If you’re wondering what the most high-tech city the world is, your first guess will probably land somewhere like Japan, more specifically Tokyo – and you’d be right.

Home to countless major tech brands and considered the home of robotics and consumer electricals, the city also boasts one of the world’s finest technology establishments in the form of the prestigious Tokyo Institute of Technology. The city’s rail system reflects Japan’s wider dominance in global rail technology, while its use of artificial intelligence in its public transport system is largely unrivalled around the world.

While Tokyo is still top dog, pioneering technology locations in south-east Asia do not stop there. Singapore can stake its own claim to be the region’s premier technology hub, with 80% of the world’s top 100 tech firms having a presence within a business-driven city that offers an awesome infrastructure for burgeoning tech companies in the area.

Head over the South Korea and you’ll find a global leader in information and communications technology in Seoul. A city that shares many similar qualities to Tokyo, such as its use of AI within its transport network, Seoul completes the trifecta of global tech powerhouses in south-east Asia.

Beyond the technology, all three cities offer standout travel experiences, each with a rich cultural scene and unique character that puts a completely different take on westernized life – making a trip of south-east Asia a must for any technology fans.

California Dreamin’

There are many reasons to visit our Golden State, namely the sun, sea and sand, but California is also home to two of the most high-tech cities in the world in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

San Francisco headlines the domestic technology scene as home to the famous Silicon Valley in the southern Bay Area. The list of tech brands with headquarters in the region are a who’s who of modern innovation, with Apple, Google, Facebook, HP, Intel, Netflix and Tesla just some of the mega brands that consider the Valley their home. “Techie” culture is a massive part of San Franciscan life, with the city having one of the largest populations of tech-based workers in the world.

Where San Fran has Silicon Valley, LA has Silicon Beach – another huge technology hub in the state. Based west of the city, the coastline offers up over 500 tech companies and start-ups, with many of the big names found in Silicon Valley also taking up office on the beach. Hyper-successful apps such as Snapchat and Tinder also began in the area, giving inspiration to hundreds of budding LA start-ups hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Be a part of it in New York

The Big Apple is another location revered around the world for countless reasons. Dubbed many a nickname from “The City of Dreams” to “The City That Never Sleeps”, but New York is also now a global city of technology.

Offering world-class internships and employment opportunities across all major industries, the city is a huge attraction to fledgling college grads, with the tech industry in the city now boasting one of the largest start-up ecosystems in the world as well as developing into a top global location for digital technology opportunities.

Like the Californian tech hubs, New York can boast numerous major tech brands with residence in the area, with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon all expanding their presence in Manhattan, and the city as a whole estimated to have as many 300,000 tech workers living within it.

London calling

With the furry hats of Buckingham Palace, the chimes of Big Ben and the rest of the city’s vast amount of tourist hotspots taking precedence in most of our minds, it’s easy to forget that London is still one of the premier business and tech hubs in the world. Initially built to sustain the British capital’s world-leading financial sector, the London technology scene is now a global factor in its own right.

Due to its busy but compact geography, London represents a perfect “test city” to many tech companies looking to get high-quality, large data sets on their new innovations. This is why the city sees many global and continental “firsts”, from Amazon Go store rollouts to zero emission taxi fleets scuttling around the central suburbs.

Is your next trip business or pleasure? The good news is all the locations above offer both in abundance, with VistaJet gracing each one on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking to plan a visit to the most high-tech city in the world or the most secluded beach on the planet, talk to us to find out how we can help make your journey as unforgettable as the visit itself.

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