How COVID-19 could change the way we travel

It’s safe to say that the outbreak of the coronavirus has significantly changed the world as we know it. When the world came to a stop at the start of the year, it was difficult to imagine whether or not anyone might ever travel again, and if they did, in what capacity.

With many couples, families and solo travellers having to cancel their future adventures, the industry took one of the biggest hits overall. Planes were grounded, trains were stopped, buses halted and people were confined to their homes, all in an effort to stop the virus from spreading.

Despite the money lost and trips cancelled, the travel industry will forever be changed thanks to the outbreak – but it’s not all doom and gloom.

What can we expect with flying in the future?

We expect there will be a fair few changes in the way that you not only holiday from now on, but also in the way that you book and plan your next trip. With many people now increasingly worried about hopping on an aeroplane, it’s possible that the number of requests to fly via private jet will increase.

Founded in 2004, we’ve gone from strength to strength over the years, offering flights to destinations all across the globe. Having flown our passengers to over 1,900 airports in 96% of the world’s countries, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing. Booking a private jet isn’t just for the rich and famous, and with the ever-increasing delays and prices with commercial airlines due to the pandemic, chartering a jet with us could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s important to remember that even though you’d be flying privately, we’re still committed to making sure you, your travel companions and your crew are all safe. We’ve taken additional measures and strengthened our safety and security procedures – you can read more about our coronavirus measures here.

What about staying in hotels?

As the world changes so will hotels and resorts – in fact, we expect that each touch point on the travel journey will have changed or adapted in some way when you come to venture off to your next destination.

Understandably when people decide to travel again, they’re likely to be a lot more cautious than they once were. Many hotel brands have announced heightened standards for hygiene and cleanliness, which is one of the most important steps they can take.

In order to be successful, hotel brands and groups are going to need to clearly communicate what they’re doing to keep guests safe. You may find there are different checking-in and checking-out procedures, that you must wear a mask in certain parts of the hotel - if not all of them aside from where you eat and drink - and there may even be the addition of cleaning or sanitation stations dotted throughout the establishment.

Nevertheless, we expect that as hotels become accustomed to the “new normal”, the whole hotel and holiday experience will still be a pleasant one that fits in line with where you’re staying.

The rise of villa living

When you first decide to jet away on your first post-lockdown holiday, the thought of staying with multiple other people in a hotel may be a little daunting. As this mindset sinks in, we expect that some will turn to villas and whole house rentals over hotels. These types of accommodation are ideal if you’re wanting a luxury holiday while still being socially distant.

More often than not, villas or house rentals also come with extras such as housecleaning, personal chefs and other in-house services that can really transform your holiday into a luxury living experience. Picture yourself stepping off one of our private jets and being driven to your own private villa for the ultimate socially distant, relaxing getaway.

Villa life is also perfect if you’re wanting to holiday with family and friends too, as it offers you ample space and the freedom to come and go as you please.

The world of travel is changing

Not only is the travel industry experiencing a shake up, but we as travellers are too. We no longer want for the things we once did before COVID-19. If you’re thinking about getting away on an adventure soon, why not speak to one of the dedicated and experienced team here at VistaJet, and let us turn your holiday dreams into a reality.

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