How to grow a travel Instagram account

Whether you’re in the process of building your own travel brand or you’re a keen traveller wanting to share your adventures with like-minded individuals, a great way to communicate with your target audience is through social media. And what better platform for travel content than Instagram? With feeds packed full of inspirational imagery, it’s a great place for hobby travellers and businesses to capture the attention of others.

If you’re keen to grow your travel Instagram account but not sure what strategy to put in place, we’re here to help. Check out our top tips on how to build a strong following and create one of the best travel Instagram accounts on the platform.

Keep it consistent

If you want to maintain engagement and keep your followers for the long haul, it’s important to post consistently. While many say that posting once per day is the right amount, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The right frequency for your account will depend on several factors, like what your followers want, how much good-quality content you have to use and how much time you can invest in your travel Instagram account. The key is to keep it consistent, avoid long periods without posting and concentrate on quality!

Focus on engagement

For an account to be truly successful, engagement is key. After all, there’s no point having thousands of followers if very few are actively engaging in your content. You need to make sure that you build a network of authentic followers that engage by watching your stories and videos, as well as liking, commenting and saving posts on your main feed. A few ways to interact with your followers is to start conversations (for instance using question stickers on stories), make your posts shareable, create long captions and share insights into your life or business to add a personal element to your travel Instagram account.

Use travel hashtags

Another important element to master is using relevant travel hashtags on Instagram. They can improve your visibility on the platform – and the more people that see your posts, the better! By reaching those you haven’t connected with before, you can drive more people to your account and boost your follower numbers. Not only this, but they may also help to improve your engagement rates. It’s likely you’ll need to do some research into the best ones for you to use. For instance, you might want to use some popular and generic travel hashtags on Instagram that are relevant to your posts, as well as unique or branded ones.

Create high-quality content

If you really want to capture the attention of people on Instagram, you should put time and energy into creating high-quality content that stands out from the crowd. It’s worth investing in decent equipment such as a HD camera, video editing software and a laptop or computer. Once you have the tools for the job, put some effort into planning what content you want to create – and how to do it. For example, if you want to create inspirational imagery in exotic locations, choose the perfect Instagram-worthy travel destinations like Hawaii, Fiji or the Maldives. Or, if you’re keen to create action-packed adventure videos, then research the best activities for adrenaline junkies across the world, like sky dives over the Great Barrier Reef.

Connect with famous travel bloggers on Instagram

Valuable connections are often made in the comments section. So, a good way to get your account out there is to connect with famous travel bloggers on Instagram. For example, you could write positive comments on their posts or even start conversations in the comments section. Many big brands do this to increase their visibility, but the key is to keep it genuine and insightful. Never spam other posts or leave self-promotional comments as this will have the opposite effect!

Track your progress with data

What better way to see how your travel Instagram account is progressing than with cold, hard facts? Delving into your data is one of the best ways to really get to grips with how your posts are performing. This will help you to understand the types of post that create the highest engagement with your followers, and which posts perhaps didn’t generate the results you’d hope. By getting to grips with this information, you can tailor your future uploads to include content you know will hit the mark with your target audience.

Now that you know how to grow your travel Instagram account, you need to get lots of great content to post! If you’re keen to capture inspirational imagery and video footage from Instagram-worthy travel destinations across the world, allow us to get you there in style. We fly to 96% of the world’s countries and we can get you there comfortably in one of our private jets. Not only will you get from A to B in luxury, but you’ll also have the opportunity to create content during the flight - whether that’s documenting your journey or editing videos using our onboard WiFi.

To plan your next adventure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who’ll be happy to make your travel dreams a reality.

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