Travel hacks: Tips for flying with children

Whether it’s their first time on a plane or they’re just as experienced of a flyer as you are, hopping on a jet and flying in the sky can be daunting for little ones. If you’re planning your first vacation as a family or are longing to get away somewhere more exotic than your home state, we’ve got all the tips for flying with kids you’ll ever need.

Making sure you’re clued up before you even book your tickets is important – it will make the whole experience that little bit easier! First things first, has your little one got a passport? Before you can go anywhere internationally, you’ll need to apply for one for them using Form DS-11. If you’re flying between states however, you may only need to bring your baby or infant’s birth certificate with you as a form of ID.

Secondly, you’ll need to check with the airline what their minimum age to travel is. Some allow them to travel from a couple days old and other from 2 weeks, so it’s important to check before you plan your trip!

Finally, we highly recommend checking your travel and health insurance documents. Make sure it covers your little one just in case they need treatment abroad.

Plan, plan and plan some more

You really can never be too prepared when you’re flying with kids. No matter how well you think you know them on land, up in the skies is a whole new world. Have a plan for every eventuality in both the airport and for once you’re on board the plane. Whether that’s making sure you have enough wipes for spillages and diapers for accidents, to snacks in case they’re hungry or their favorite comforter to help them drift off to sleep, it never hurts to be over-prepared when you have your family in tow!

One thing we would recommend is creating a packing list for your hand luggage. If you’re wondering “what do you need to fly with a child?”, we’ve got a list of must-haves that you should pack:

Why flying private could be the new commercial

The coronavirus has thrown the travel industry up in the air. With commercial airlines and flights suffering from extended delays and even cancellations, many are looking towards chartering a private jet instead.

Whether you’re simply looking for something more reliable or are worrying about preparing your child for their first flight, hopping on one of our many private jets could be the perfect solution when it comes to welcoming them into the world of flying. Come and enjoy your home away from home, whether you’re travelling from state to state or to somewhere a little more exotic.

Let our experienced team take care of you and your kids with an onboard experience like no other. While you sit back and enjoy a glass or two with our a la carte menu, your little ones can enjoy our Adventures in the Sky program. Let us bring to life experiences where entertainment meets education, each completely personalized to your kids, whether they’re 4 or 17.

Dine and indulge in afternoon tea with Alice and the Cheshire Cat down the rabbit hole, put on your best film star act and dazzle your adoring fans, or become the ultimate secret agent and take on the bad guys – there truly is the perfect adventure for every mini flyer at VistaJet!

One of our top tips for flying with kids – charter a private jet and leave the hard work to our dedicated team.

Expect challenges to win in the long-haul

From the challenging of packing and racing to the airport to simply getting them to doze off for a nap, expect to face anything on their first few flights. No matter how experienced of a flyer they may be, it’s important to be prepared and remember that a plane is a new, exciting and an occasionally scary place for them.

Try reassuring them and creating a positive atmosphere around the journey ahead. As long as you’re prepared and have everything you and they need, you’ll always be ready. The last of our top tips for flying with children is to keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate the process of heading on vacation, and above all, have a great time!

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