Travel hacks: Tips for flying with children

Looking to head off on your first holiday as a family? Or maybe you’re dreaming of venturing to somewhere further away and are worried about how the little ones will cope. Whether it’s their first time up in the sky or they’re just as experienced of a traveller as you are, we’ve got all the tips for flying with children you’ll ever need.

It’s important to make sure you’re clued up on everything you might need to know. Before you even begin to book your flights, firstly you’ll need to make sure your child is OK to fly. Some airlines allow babies to travel from 2 days old and others from 2 weeks old, so make sure you check before you plan your trip.

Secondly, you’ll need to speak to your travel insurance provider to ensure it covers your little one. If you’re jetting off with a new-born, this is particularly important. Then you’ll need to grab them their very own passport. Children of all ages need their own passport to be able to travel. They usually take 3 weeks or so to arrive and cost £49 per child if you apply online.

Make a plan, and another plan

You can never be too prepared when flying with kids. They’re unpredictable from the word go, even if you think you know them inside and out. Have a plan for every eventuality both in the airport and on the plane, whether that’s ensuring you have enough wet wipes and nappies for the journey or snacks for everyone. It never hurts to be over prepared when you have little ones in tow.

You may want to make a short packing list for your hand luggage too so that you don’t miss anything. Wondering what to bring to the airport for your child? Here are some must-haves we think you should pack:

The benefits of flying private over commercial

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting commercial airlines and flights, many are now looking into chartering a private jet as an alternative. If you’re nervous about travelling and wondering how to prepare a child for their first flight, jetting off with us could be the perfect way to settle them into the world of flying.

We offer you and your family the ultimate home away from home while you’re on board, with an experience from take-off to landing quite like no other. Our experienced team can transform the interior into a relaxing and restful family environment, offering you a dedicated service for the duration of your time with us.

While you wine and dine, your little ones can enjoy our Adventures in the Sky program! Bringing to life experiences that combine entertainment with educational elements, each can be tailored to suit your little ones, no matter their age.

Whether they’d enjoy heading down the rabbit hole with Alice and the Cheshire Cat to enjoy a tea party extravaganza, to experience life as a movie star or become the ultimate adventurer with our explorer backpacks, there truly is something for each mini flyer here at VistaJet.

Skip the queues and avoid unnecessary delays – charter a private jet with us and experience flying like never before.

Expect to face challenges

From the challenge of making it to the airport on time or simply getting them to fall asleep, expect to face pretty much anything on their first few flights at least. A plane is a new, exciting and sometimes scary place to be, so make sure you reassure your little one and create a buzz about the journey ahead.

If you’re prepared and have all the essentials, such as the little things that comfort them, you’ll be at least one step ahead. Above all, keep flying simple, don’t overcomplicate the process of jetting off on holiday.

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