Empty Leg Private Jet Hire London

One of the world’s true global hubs, the distinct silver and red tones of VistaJet grace London frequently as our clients look for the most effective and comfortable method of getting into the city. As a centre of international business and a home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, London represents one of the most popular European locations for our bespoke services, meaning a number of repositioning flight opportunities heading in and out of the city on a regular basis.

I’m interested in private jet hire to and from London – what options are available to me via empty leg flights?

Our geographical coverage is truly global, meaning London is accessible from virtually any airport in the world – and vice versa - via our bespoke service.

The nature of empty leg flights may mean your travel choices are limited to pre-defined repositioning routes, but if you are working to a flexible schedule, or indeed looking to travel with a little spontaneity, empty leg private jet hire to and from London can provide a truly luxury solution at incredible value.

Look out for routes between popular destinations within Europe, like London to Paris via a private jet empty leg, or a transatlantic journey direct from anywhere in the US to London.

How much will an empty leg cost, and can I access a private jet at any airport in London?

Each one of our private flights carries a tailored cost which is based on a variety of factors, and empty legs are no different. The distance, duration, aircraft type and number of passengers are just some of the key factors that will dictate your chosen flight’s cost.

Where empty leg flights differentiate themselves is in the potential saving against our bespoke services. In exchange for booking a predetermined route and working with some flexibility regarding departure timing, you can expect a saving of anything between 25%-75% against the typical cost of our private jet hire to and from London.

As for private jet access at airports in London, our services fly in and out of any location our clients please, thus you will see empty leg flights based in and out of all key London airports.

How do I go about booking an empty leg private jet charter?

Our empty leg services are best accessed via the VistaJet app, available on both the App Store and Google Play. There, you can register as one of our Direct Members, view empty leg offers and special rates and request alerts on new empty leg flights scheduled near your location.

You can also view our empty leg offers and FAQs page for more information.

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