Empty Leg Private Jet Charter Europe

Discovering the world with VistaJet takes your travel experience to a whole new level. As a truly global private chartered provider, nowhere is off limits across Europe. Brimming with varied and vibrant cultures, world famous cities and international business hubs, our service provides the ultimate travel solution in and around the continent.

With new empty leg offers on private jets to Europe and flights out of the region being added to our global flight itinerary every day, adopting a flexible schedule could see you enjoy the full VistaJet experience for anywhere between 25%-75% less.

What travel options are available to me via empty leg private jets to Europe?

Use your flexibility to your advantage with our empty leg offers. Our fleet of luxury aircraft travel to and from every location imaginable around Europe, with repositioning flights taking place every day. Of course, our empty leg flight destinations are pre-defined – it’s merely a case of if one works within your schedule.

Download the VistaJet app to keep up-to-date with our most recent empty leg offers. By becoming a Direct Member, you can request notifications alerting you when a departure is scheduled near to you.

For US passengers, empty leg flights between the US and countless key European destinations are available regularly, as well as various other cross-continental and international flight paths. Therefore, a spontaneous adventure to Paris, a convenient business trip to London or a romantic getaway to Milan could all be on the cards – but at a fraction of the typical cost.

How much do private flights to Europe cost?

When it comes to private jet charter to and from Europe, prices are completely dependent on an array of factors. Where you are headed to and where from, the flight duration, the type of aircraft requested and the number of passengers boarding all play a part in defining the total travel cost.

Empty leg flights are much the same, just with a significant saving attached. You may not have the typical freedoms or defined terms of a private booking, but you will enjoy a 25%-75% saving in exchange.

Regardless of your chosen private jet to Europe’s price, you can be assured of the full VistaJet experience. A luxury travel solution, offering a quick and easy journey that’s delivered at the absolute highest of standards.

Booking an empty leg private jet hire

For more information on empty leg private jet charter to and from Europe, prices and booking advice, head over to our offers and FAQs page. If you’re interested in taking advantage of one of our offers, make sure to download the VistaJet app and become one of our Direct Members, who are eligible for exclusive rates and relevant empty leg schedule alerts.

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