How to Have a Zen Like Travel Experience

Are you a frequent traveler who finds flying a stressful experience? Or a nervous passenger who worries about everything before a trip? Whether you fly regularly, for business or for pleasure, cultivating a stress-free travel routine is essential for calming your nerves.

As the world’s only global private aviation company, we understand the pressures and anxieties some travelers can face when they take to the skies. From busy airport check-in queues to shaky takeoffs and landings, countless events can stop you enjoying your journey.

Before your next flight, read through our top tips below on how to design calm, relaxing rituals that help you to enjoy a more mindful travel experience.

How to prepare for your journey

None of us enjoy the frantic sensation of running through the airport or the anxiety of long queues at the check-in desk. Ensure you minimize potential travel triggers and prepare for a stress-free journey.

Develop a checklist of your travel requirements and the things you need to do. Brainstorm every task you can think of such as packing, passports, cabin luggage, travel visas, and so on. Then, prioritize them in the order they are to be completed. You can check each task off when it is complete, leaving you with less to worry about.

Book all your travel to and from airports well in advance of your flight time. Factoring in traffic delays and detours early will ensure you arrive on time and relaxed for your flight.

How to relax before you take off

Practice yoga, meditation and mindful travel exercises before you set off for the airport. These help to lower stress-hormone production in your body, soothing your nervous system for takeoff.

If you have an early-morning flight, practice mindfulness routines prior to going to sleep the night before. A long, deep, peaceful sleep will help you to embrace the challenges of traveling with a rested mind and body.

Write down all your anxieties about your upcoming flight in a travel journal. Release your fears to pen and paper and get them off your mind. Once you have listed down all your worries, challenge each one with evidence that contradicts them. This will help you adjust your perspective on them, enabling you to travel and relax with fewer concerns.

How to stay calm during a flight

After boarding, set the tone for your flight by performing a calming ritual. Essential oils such as lavender, patchouli and Ylang Ylang help to soothe the parasympathetic nervous system and usher you into a relaxed state. Pick up an essential oil roll-on before your flight and massage the oil into your pressure points to release the relaxing aromas.

Add breathing exercises to your ritual too. Pranayama, a yogic breathing technique, can be done while seated. Follow along with a guided Pranayama tutorial online to focus your attention and stay relaxed.

When the pilot announces it’s safe to leave your seat, get up and walk around the cabin. Moving your body will help keep you focused on the present. Try neck rolls, shoulder stretches and other exercises to stay active too. If you fly by private jet, take advantage of the extra space and try yoga for long-haul flights.

Eat well during your flight and keep hydrated too. It can be tempting to indulge in snacks and sugary drinks onboard but eating nutritious food and drinking plenty of water will keep your mind focused and calm.

Let VistaJet take care of your travel planning

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