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Truly global coverage and a versatile fleet means the right aircraft for every flight - short or long haul. Your distinctive silver and red fleet of over 70 aircraft, with consistent cabin design, are equipped for all needs - whether you need a fully enabled business suite or a restful home away from home space.

Renowned for its consistency, you know exactly what will be waiting for you on the tarmac, no matter where you are flying from.


Global 7500

VistaJet introduces the first fleet of Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft, unlocking the world with the largest and longest range business jet. The Global 7500 offers four true living spaces, including a full size kitchen and a permanent bedroom.

Flying hours: 16:00
Range: 7,700nm | 14,260km
Maximum speed: 0.925 Mach
Passenger capacity: 14 | 8 sleeping
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Global 6000

The Global 6000 aircraft features a spacious three zone cabin to help you conduct a business meetings, relax or get a good night’s sleep. Work, rest and entertain is easy with a Global 6000.

Flying hours: 13:00
Range: 5,998nm | 11,110km
Maximum speed: 590mph | 950km/h
Passenger capacity: 14 | 7 sleeping
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Global 5000

With the same cabin width as the Global 6000, the Global 5000 is one of the most spacious, quietest aircraft in its class. Jet Aviation Flight Services and XOJET Aviation LLC operate and manage VistaJet's U.S. based fleet of Global 5000s, available for the most comfortable point-to-point travel from and within the United States.

Flying hours: 11:00
Range: 5,200nm | 9.630km
Maximum speed: 590mph | 950km/h
Passenger capacity: 13 | 7 sleeping
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Challenger 850

With one of the largest and most comfortable corporate cabins available, the Challenger 850 is identical in size to the Global 6000, but with the range and hourly rate of a smaller jet. It can accommodate up to 14 passengers, or seven in sleeping configuration, in unparalleled comfort.

Flying hours: 06:30
Range: 2,807nm | 5,200km
Maximum speed: 528mph | 850km/h
Passenger capacity: 14 | 7 sleeping
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Challenger 605

An impressive intercontinental business jet with outstanding flexibility, the Challenger 605 provides the widest cabin in its category, enhancing personal productivity and performance for up to 12 passengers, or five in sleeping configuration.

Flying hours: 08:00
Range: 3,995nm | 7,400km
Maximum speed: 541mph | 870km/h
Passenger capacity: 12 | 5 sleeping
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Challenger 350

The ultimate super-midsize business jet. Access more airports, closer to you. With a cabin cross-section nearly the same as a large, long-range aircraft, it has one of the most spacious cabins in its category.

XOJET Aviation LLC operate and manage the U.S. based fleet of Challenger 350 aircraft, available for premium travel within and from the United States.

Flying hours: 07:15
Range: 3,200nm | 5,926km
Maximum speed: 541mph | 870km/h
Passenger capacity: 8 | 3 sleeping
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