The world’s top business travel destinations

Do you frequently travel for business? Whether internationally or within the U.S., business travel can help you tap into new markets, forge connections, and absorb ideas. Yet some locations hold more sway than others – so researching the best cities for business can make sure your ventures provide value.

As the world’s only global private aviation company, we’ve highlighted leading finance, tech and fashion hubs to offer inspiration for your next trip. Find a selection of the world’s leading business travel destinations below.

Where is the financial capital of the world?

Financial centers can drive global economic growth due to their strategic location, wealth of financial markets, organizations and talent, and stable legal and political environments. So where should you invest your time?

New York is viewed as the world’s most important money hub and currently tops the Global Financial Centres Index. Home to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange – two of the most reputable stock exchanges in existence – the Big Apple continues to attract top talent and wealthy investors.

London is next up in the rankings and provides what many professionals see as the world’s most favorable regulatory regime for financial services. Paris and Frankfurt are two other leading European centers - but where could the future financial capital of the world be?

Singapore and Hong Kong are two Asian hubs with established economies and attractive legal frameworks for businesses. Experts predict that its these locations, along with Shanghai, that are likely to see the most growth in the near future.

The top tech cities ranked

Investing in technology can be a smart business move if you know where to look. So where are the world’s top tech cities and areas?

Silicon Valley in California remains the most prestigious destination for tech innovators and investors. It’s here you’ll find the densest concentration of tech companies on the planet, many of which have shaped the world we live in today.

Looking abroad, London’s tech scene is also winning admirers with investment in UK firms outstripping the US and China in recent years. Beijing was also recently predicted to overtake Silicon Valley as the world’s top startup hub – driven in part by a reputation for sizeable funding rounds and exits.

If you’re looking to diversify further, you can find increasing opportunities in Berlin, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv.

Where is the fashion capital of the world?

The fashion industry takes influence from creatives and cultures all over the globe – but certain hubs continue to set the trends. Paris, New York, London, and Milan are the established big four that vie for the title of fashion capital of the world.

These cities share the fashion calendar’s most prestigious events as well as the icons and investors that attend them. Leading fashion schools hone the next generation of designers, while each offers a wealth of high-fashion stores, should you need to pick up a new outfit for your next appointment.

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