How to build a strong remote work culture

Many business leaders were embracing remote working even before the COVID-19 health crisis began forcing people away from offices. More have discovered its benefits in the time since, with the likes of Google and Facebook announcing longer-term plans to work remotely. But how do you go about creating a successful remote work culture?

Company culture is often thought of as a culmination of a company mission, clear objectives, and shared behaviors that relate to both. While your organization’s vision and aims may remain the same, the behaviors you foster to meet them may need to be adapted.

Concerns around drops in productivity, collaboration, and social interaction are common. But businesses around the world are showing that, with a little work, the shift can be a positive one.

We often fly with leaders at the forefront of business trends. Read our tips on how to build culture in remote teams below.

Promote your company values

Your values are what define your company identity. They can play a key role in finding and keeping the right people for the job, so it’s important to reiterate them internally and externally. For new starters, make sure to display them on your online profiles, and build them into your recruitment and induction processes.

For existing staff, look to store and update your values somewhere that’s easily accessible for everyone. You can then reinforce them through tactics such as peer-chosen awards for those who embody your shared goals.

Promoting business-wide updates like this can keep individuals from losing sight of the bigger picture when working apart.

Integrate collaborative tools

Clear communication, processes, and efficient technology are crucial parts of any remote company culture. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of tools out there to help people work together easily, wherever they are in the world.

Instant messaging and video call platforms are essential on a day to day basis, as are secure and accessible file storage solutions. Many businesses can also benefit from project and workflow management platforms that keep everyone on the same page.

With so many competing options on the market, it’s best to set out rules regarding which tools people adopt. Doing so will simplify licensing, IT, and training issues, while ensuring a consistent work experience across departments.

Set up regular virtual check-ins

If you fear losing sight of your personnel’s time and output, implementing regular virtual check-ins will help to relieve your worries. Whether daily, weekly or monthly depending on the topic, these will allow you to track progress and ensure nothing is missed in a remote setting.

Leaders should also look to pencil-in regular development and wellbeing catchups. Outside the regular interaction of an office environment, these can help to spot additional employee training and support needs.

Remote company culture doesn’t mean micro-managing remote workers, however. Try to adapt your contact to their routines and preferences providing they suit your fundamental business needs.

Find time to relax

While some find they’re happier and more productive at home, remote workers still need time to let their hair down around their co-workers. With office ping pong tables and nearby bars unavailable, you’ll need to find different ways for your team to relax.

This could range from quick small-talk sessions to mid-day yoga classes and after-hours themed events. Sharing responsibility for the creation of these virtual events can help everyone to feel involved and catered for.

Creating culture in remote teams doesn’t have to be limited to virtual events, however. Add a few in-person events to your company calendar to bring everyone together outside of their regular working routines.

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