5 things you can do inside a private jet

Are you jetting off to the Bahamas to relax on the beach? Or traveling to an international business meeting? Whatever the reason for your journey, there are a huge number of benefits to flying privately. Having a whole aircraft to yourself means you have the freedom to spend your time in the sky as you please − whether that’s getting work done in a business suite, relaxing with a great glass of wine, or catching up on some sleep.

Whatever you’d like to do on board, rest assured our private jet interiors can cater for a whole host of requirements. With plush leather seats, quality cashmere blankets, premium Christofle silverware, fantastic onboard entertainment and more, we’re proud to offer some of the best private jet interiors in the industry. Here are a few of the things you can do inside our private jets.

Relax and unwind in the cabin

Our private jet interiors offer a truly relaxing and welcoming environment – ideal for passengers who need to rest and unwind before landing. Sink into a comfortable leather seat with a refreshing drink, cozy up under a cashmere blanket with a book from our library, or lose yourself in a movie from our onboard entertainment system. Our fleet includes some of the best private jet interiors in the industry, some with full beds where you can get a great night’s sleep ahead of another busy day.

Host a business meeting

If you’re jetting off on important business you’ll be happy to hear that you can utilize your time in the sky effectively. Many of our private jet plane interiors come complete with fully enabled business suites, so you can host meetings or get on with important work throughout your journey. Many of our planes also offer fast internet connectivity as well as onboard media centers that allow you to display documents or live stream on high definition TVs. Inside our private jets, you can work as productively as you would in the office.

Have fun with the family

Of course, it’s not just the adults we cater to – we make sure the kids have a fantastic flight as well. Our Adventures in the Sky program has been created specifically for children, providing truly exceptional and magical onboard entertainment. They can train as a spy and take on their own secret mission, star in their very own blockbuster movie, or indulge their artistic flair with Alice in Wonderland themed crafts. It’s a great way to make fun family memories inside our private jets.

Sample delicious seasonal dishes

All our private jet interiors are thoughtfully designed so that passengers can enjoy a premium dining experience in the air. Your table will be laid with beautiful Christofle silverware, porcelain tableware, and high-quality linens, and your dedicated hostess will serve items from our a la carte menu. You can sample a range of delicious dishes inside our private jets, all of which have been created in partnership with world-renowned chefs and restaurants using fantastic seasonal produce.

Enjoy world-class wine

Why not sit back and relax with an exceptional glass of wine, handpicked by Thomas Flohr from some of the world’s most famous vineyards? Our Signature Wine List features a range of exceptional wines from smooth Château Pape Clément to fresh Gaja Rossj-Bass Chardonnay. Each one has been carefully selected for their ability to perform well while in the sky, with no compromise on flavor or aroma. Frequent flyers can take advantage of the VistaJet Wine Club, allowing members to sample twelve wines each year from a range of producers across the globe.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, our private jet plane interiors can cater to your needs. Want to have fun with the kids? We can organize great entertainment in the sky. Need to host an important meeting? We can provide jets with well-equipped business suites. Hoping to relax and recharge? We’ve got you covered with our comfortable seating, bed linens, and blankets.

There are many benefits to hiring one of our luxury private aircraft rather than buying. As well as those listed above, hiring means you don’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance costs, asset, or depreciation risks. You can quickly compare the costs of owning and our memberships by using our simple cost calculator today.

Why not experience the ultimate luxury and comfort inside our private jets by booking with us next time you fly?

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