Private Jet Flights to/from Miami

Famed for its white-sand beaches, warm climate and Latin-American influences, Miami is the ideal location for a weekend in the sun. From the iconic Miami Beach and Ocean Drive to cultural spots like Little Havana, the affectionately known ‘Magic City’ offers a range of attractions and activities so, no matter how you want to spend your downtime, there are plenty of options.

Board a private jet to and from Miami and travel in maximum comfort and style with our ultimate onboard experience. Our expert crew will cater their service to your specific requirements and desires, to ensure that you have a pleasant journey to your destination. Whether you’re enjoying a solo trip or taking the whole family along, you can count on us to get you where you need to be, quickly and conveniently.

Can I book private flights to/from Miami?

Our fleet of distinctive silver-and-red jets comprises over 70 aircraft, all of which have been carefully designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We are proud to offer you a home away from home on your next private flight to Miami with a range of facilities from quiet family spaces to fully equipped business suites. You can even bring your favorite pet along for the ride.

Every facet of your onboard experience will be tailored to your specific needs and desires. With experience arranging air travel for high-level individuals including heads of state, corporate leaders and private clients, we’ve perfected the art of providing an exceptional in-flight service, unsurpassed by any other.

Our A La Carte menu offers a delicious private dining selection, created in partnership with globally renowned chefs and restaurants. We also offer a signature wine list, specifically curated so that all our wines taste best in the sky to enhance your VistaJet experience.

Get in touch today to arrange your next private jet to and from Miami. Our outstanding team of aviation experts are here to help plan your itinerary and discuss any special requirements for your flight, to make sure that your journey is as seamless as possible.

How much is a private jet to/from Miami?

We offer a range of value-driven, private air travel solutions so you can choose the one which best suits your lifestyle and travel requirements. As each of our private jets are designed to cater to specific needs, the decision you make can affect the cost of your airfare.

We’re committed to ensuring you have a comfortable and convenient journey so, no matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive the exceptional, attentive service you’d expect from a private aviation company on your next private flight to and from Miami.

Our cost calculator will help you compare the value of a VistaJet membership to your current air travel solution. Choose between our Program membership or Direct membership, or opt for a bespoke membership package to suit your personal requirements.

VistaJet members also gain exclusive access to Private World, allowing them to enjoy some of the most luxurious accommodations across the globe.

How can I get Empty Leg private flights to/from Miami?

Empty Leg flight bookings make it simple to arrange last-minute travel plans.

VistaJet Direct members can opt to be notified of Empty Leg flights on journeys of their choice.

Empty Leg flights are the most cost-effective way to fly with VistaJet and could save you up to 75% on your airfare, so it’s well worth taking advantage of these if you’re looking for cheap private jet flights to and from Miami.

Empty Leg flights are just one of the steps we’re taking as part of our sustainability program. Our aim is to become carbon neutral by 2025 and we’re proud to be doing our bit to preserve our planet and combat climate change.

How to become an exclusive VistaJet member

After gaining years of experience providing air travel for high-level business executives, we’ve created two membership packages which allow our clientele to access the services they require, at their convenience. Our members receive access to a range of exclusive benefits, including availability of our exquisite private jets.

Our VistaJet Direct membership offers members preferential rates and exclusive access to Empty Leg flights, making it the ideal choice for travelers who often have to take off at the drop of a hat.

Our Program membership is perfect for those who need access to their own private plane at little notice. Members benefit from guaranteed availability of a private jet at just 24 hours’ notice. Travel wherever you want in the world and, with no positioning fees, you’ll only pay for your time in the sky.

Contact our membership liaison team today to discuss your travel and lifestyle needs and make sure that you’re getting the best value on your next private flight to and from Miami.

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