Private Jet Flights to/from Hawaii

Global 6000 exterior flying through a red sky

Hawaii’s stunning beaches and breath-taking sights make it the perfect spot to escape the stress of working life. With six major islands each offering their own unique opportunities and activities, there’s plenty from which to choose, no matter whether you favor adventures, dining, culture, or relaxation.

Enjoy a journey that’s as satisfying as your stay by boarding one of our exquisite private jets. Our ultimate cabin experience is specifically designed to meet your unique requirements and your comfort is our top priority.

Whether you fancy diving in the depths of the aquamarine ocean or immersing yourself in the unique Hawaiian culture, you can rely on us to get you to your destination with the utmost care and convenience.

How do I book private jets that can fly to/from Hawaii?

We are proud to be pioneers as the world’s first global aviation company. Having flown to over 1,900 airports and 96% of countries across the globe, we’ve gained a reputation for traveling to various remote locations.

Our iconic fleet of silver-and-red aircraft comprises over 70 jets, including the new Bombardier Global 7500, making it easier than ever to take a private jet to Hawaii or anywhere else. Rest assured you can count on us for reliable air travel and impeccable service.

Our team of expert aviation specialists have experience of arranging air travel for some of the world’s most prestigious individuals, including heads of state, corporate leaders, and private clients. This has enabled us to create the ultimate in-flight experience, ensuring your VistaJet experience is unrivaled by any other airline.

Contact us today to book your private jet to Hawaii, or in the opposite direction. Our outstanding team of specialists will be pleased to plan your itinerary and discuss any special requests to ensure you have an exceptional journey.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to/from Hawaii?

We’re committed to providing you with a range of fast and efficient booking options to ensure you receive the best value for money. Our cabin experience has been carefully curated to offer you an unforgettable service tailored to your specific needs and requests, guaranteeing you a comfortable and convenient journey to your destination.

The cost of owning, running and maintaining a private jet can be a significant amount. Our cost calculator will help you determine how much you could save on the cost of a private flight to Hawaii by utilizing our VistaJet membership packages, in comparison with your current aviation solution.

Our Direct membership allows you to book a private jet to and from Hawaii using the VistaJet app. You’ll also receive notifications when a jet is ready to take off in a city of your choice, along with preferential access to Empty Leg flights.

Alternatively, you can sign up for our Program membership and reap the benefits of owning a private jet, without any of the hassle. Take advantage of exclusive access to our fleet with as little as 24 hours’ notice and only pay for the hours you fly.

VistaJet members will also be granted access to Private World, a selection of the finest and most sought-after accommodations across the globe. Choose from a range of luxurious locations including the boutique escape of Hotel Nobu in Ibiza or one of the Ultima Collection mountain resorts in Switzerland, France and Greece.

How can I get Empty Leg private flights to/from Hawaii?

We’re proud to offer Empty Leg flights to locations around the world, making arranging a last-minute private jet to Hawaii quick and convenient. Empty Legs are also the most economical way to fly with VistaJet, offering exceptional value. With savings of up to 75% on airfares, you may find that the cost of your private jet to Hawaii is significantly reduced.

Empty Leg flights benefit the planet too. They are just one of the ways in which we’re reducing the effects of air travel on the environment as part of our sustainability program, meaning we no longer have empty jets flying to locations to collect clients. We’ve challenged ourselves to become carbon neutral by 2025, to fight climate change and create a better world for us all.

VistaJet Direct members can choose to be notified when Empty Leg flights for destinations of their choice are available. Keep an eye on the flights we advertise, and you may find that the cost of your next private jet flight to Hawaii is even better than you’d expected.

How to become an exclusive VistaJet member

VistaJet Direct members benefit from access to our fleet of private jets, along with faster bookings and discounted rates.

If you need guaranteed availability of a private flight without the inconveniences which come with jet ownership, our Program membership is the ideal solution. With no positioning fees for a private jet to Hawaii or any other location, you can fly anywhere in the world at a fixed hourly rate.

Our membership liaison team can also create a custom membership package tailored to your lifestyle and personal needs, so get in touch to discuss your options today.

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