Private Jet Flights from Los Angeles to Seattle

Travel north along the West Coast in impeccable luxury at a time that suits your busy schedule. Choose VistaJet for private jet flights from Los Angeles International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International.

Home to some of the most significant businesses in America, including Amazon, Microsoft and Nordstrom, Seattle is a common professional destination. However, the Emerald City understandably also has plenty in the way of sights, nightlife, culture and cuisine.

Contact our team today and learn why private LA to Seattle flights with VistaJet could be the simplest, most direct and cost-efficient business travel option available.

Can I book a private jet from Los Angeles to Seattle?

Our private aviation experts have extensive experience in providing private jet travel from LA to Seattle. They’ve worked with business leaders, VIPs, celebrities and leaders across an ever-growing network of over 180 destination countries, providing fast and smooth travel via an exceptionally reliable and luxurious range of aircraft.

With an unparalleled cabin experience and bespoke itineraries available on all flights, we can help whatever your party size or requirements when flying from LA to Seattle.

How much does a private flight from Los Angeles to Seattle cost?

The cost of a private flight from LA to Seattle depends on several factors, including passenger numbers, itinerary and aircraft type, so we're unable to give a single figure regarding price. However, we've built our memberships in a way that always provides flexibility and value, letting you choose from a range of booking options to suit your needs – value included.

To save on costs, join Direct to book flights immediately and gain special rates on over 80 business aircraft, while Empty Leg flights are perfect for reducing the price of last-minute journeys.

Business customers can reduce their LA to Seattle flight costs with a VistaJet Corporate membership that provides access to aircraft with a global range. And Program membership provides tailored access to your exact flight profile and preferences.

For a clear understanding of the cost of private flights from Los Angeles to Seattle, check out our cost calculator. This will show you how much a membership with VistaJet costs compared to your current private air travel arrangements.

Are Empty Leg flights from LA to Seattle available?

Yes, there are often Empty Leg flights from Los Angeles to Seattle available to VistaJet customers. These flights, which occur when empty aircraft are flown to the next passenger, can save up to 75% on the cost of travel.

Download the VistaJet app or visit our Empty Leg flights tool to view upcoming flights from LA to Seattle.

H2: Choose luxury and efficiency – choose VistaJet today

With a VistaJet membership, you can get flights from LA to Seattle at a time and date of your choosing, all while enjoying the most refined service possible.

Choose from a range of packages. From our priority Direct scheme, which affords you quicker bookings and lower rates for frequent journeys, to a Program membership that drastically cuts down on the price of owning or chartering a private flight from Los Angeles to Seattle – there are options for all flyers.

Our members, regardless of package, enjoy a raft of benefits including a calm and relaxing cabin experience where everything is taken care of to access to a wide range of private accommodation options – including yachts, estates and golfing resorts. It's perfect for entertaining clients or simply getting some much-needed R&R.

Discover travel with VistaJet today – contact our expert team and learn how we can help you enjoy the best quality private air travel, tailored to your requirements.

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