Empty Leg Private Jet Charter in Hong Kong

Hong Kong sits as one of the private aviation capitals of the world. A business mega center for financial services, tourism, trading and logistics, not to mention a red-hot visitor destination boasting the likes of Disneyland Hong Kong, Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbor, VistaJet’s silver and red finds its way East often.

We consider ourselves Hong Kong’s private jet company of choice, and with empty leg flights from Hong Kong being added to our schedule regularly, you can find out why at an incredible price.

I would like to book a private jet charter to Hong Kong – what are my travel options with empty leg flights to Hong Kong?

We promise four things in our approach. To be simple, efficient, reliable and offer true global reach to every single one of our passengers. That global reach now extends to 96%, or 187 countries, worldwide. That means travel options for our passengers are virtually limitless, whether that’s taking a private jet to Hong Kong or flying out of the region.

Our empty leg flights allow you to enjoy the full VistaJet service at a fraction of the cost. Empty leg flights are based around our fleet’s repositioning routes, so one or both flight locations may be predetermined. However, empty legs from Hong Kong are perfect for passengers able to travel at short notice - who can take advantage of a cost-effective way to fly privately.

How much should I expect empty leg flights from Hong Kong to cost?

Your chosen private jet to Hong Kong’s cost is based on a number of factors. Distance, location passenger numbers, aircraft type and onboard services are just a handful of key elements that will determine your flight’s bespoke cost. No two flight are the same with VistaJet, so no two rates are either – we work to your needs and charge accordingly.

The greatest benefit of empty legs is the cost reduction against our standard flights. Offering outstanding value, a typical empty leg flight will be priced from 25-75% of the normal rate. In a region like Hong Kong, where our services are particularly popular, this can create various opportunities for reduced rates over any given period.

VisatJet - the premier private jet company in Hong Kong

To find out more about empty leg flights around Hong Kong, download the VistaJet app, available on both the App Store and Google Play. There, you can become one of our Direct Members, gaining access to our latest empty leg schedule, as well as updates on newly added flight paths.

Head to our empty leg offers and FAQs section for more information.

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