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Flying privately means forgetting the hustle and bustle of a commercial airport and enjoying bespoke comfort. And finding the right jet for your needs and budget depends on several factors.

Here at VistaJet, you can enjoy a one-way, round trip, multi-city, or empty leg flight in a private jet that gives you the high-quality experience you deserve. We offer great membership packages, although if you're not a frequent flyer, you may prefer to request a private charter flight for your USA or international journey instead.

What types of jet are available for private air charter rental?

Whether you're looking for a super mid-size plane to take you on a flight for a few hours or a super long-range plane for long-haul journeys, VistaJet has the perfect range of options to suit you.

The Global range

The Global range is ideal if you require a modern, convenient private jet for a long-haul flight of up to 7,700nm. Choose from three spacious aircraft models with up to 14 seats and beds for up to eight passengers.

The crisp, modern design of the Global range in VistaJet's fleet has inspired a fleet-wide upgrade. Travel privately on a Global jet and you'll see this first-hand. Formal grey tones co-exist alongside small, colorful details. The cabin materials and accessories have been selected with consideration to both performance and aesthetic. You will enjoy ergonomic Italian leather seats, smooth leather walls, and cozy Alpaca fiber throws.

We recommend the three-zone cabin of the Global 6000 if you're looking for a comfortable night's sleep, a relaxing seating area, and a space where you can conveniently entertain or hold business meetings.

The Continental range

For flights of up to 4,000nm, there are three Challenger models available. Built for spaciousness, productivity, and comfort, each one offers all the essential ingredients for a seamless journey.

If cabin size is high on your priority list, we'd recommend the Challenger 850. This jet has the same amount of cabin space as the Global 6000 but offers the same range and hourly rate as a smaller jet. It can accommodate journeys of up to 2,800nm and has 14 seats and beds for up to seven passengers.

What kind of cabin experience is provided?

When you charter a private jet, design features play heavily into the comfort and ease of your flight. But the service you receive is equally important, and you'll want to be assured that you are getting the quality of service you are paying for.

At VistaJet, excellence is the standard. The cabin crew is comprised of two pilots, who know the aircraft inside out, as well as at least one dedicated Cabin Host.

We work with more than 7,000 suppliers from all over the world to bring you private dining that uses the freshest, finest-quality ingredients. We've partnered with Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned private chefs to fine-tune our dining service.

If you become a valued VistaJet member, you'll gain access to some of the best winemakers and wine clubs globally. The World of Wine Concierge is on hand to give you wine-tasting advice before you embark on your flight and at your destination.

Another benefit of membership is that it will be easy to travel with children or pets.

Children can spend their flight with age-appropriate themed crafts, activities, and games. We can personalize this for them too. Teacup decorating, Kaleidoscope workshops, and Mad Hatter's Tea Parties are all activities that have delighted our younger passengers. A trained children's entertainer can make sure they enjoy themselves – while you sit back and relax.

Our VistaPet service can deliver your animal companions everything they need for a calm, smooth journey, such as in-flight amenity kits and handmade Labbvenn sleep mats. In addition, every VistaJet Cabin Hostess is trained in pet first aid!

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

The cost of a private jet charter depends largely on the type of jet, the distance, and the number of passengers. Private charter flights are often the best solution for less frequent flyers and are usually a much more affordable alternative to buying your own private jet.

VistaJet's private charter flights are subject to the market rate and start from $11,000 per hour. To get a quote for your journey within the USA or internationally, simply enter your flight details below and a member of our team will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

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