Top 5 travel tips to help you prepare for a long-haul flight

Whether you are a regular long-haul traveler or only occasionally fly long-distance, it can be hard to know how to prepare for a long-haul flight. Spending the best part of a whole day on board an airplane can take it out of you. From how to beat feeling sluggish and tired to the best ways to avoid jet lag, the list of things to consider before you travel can feel endless.

At VistaJet, we are private aviation specialists. Since 2004 we have transported our discerning clients to every corner of the globe, and we have learned some essential tips on how to prepare for a long-haul flight. Here we have compiled our top five tips that include which are the most comfortable clothes for flying, the best foods to eat before a long flight, and tips to avoid jet lag.

Before your next long-haul flight why not check in with our advice and enjoy a more pleasurable in-flight experience.

1. Wear comfortable clothing

Looking stylish while traveling might suit an Instagram feed, but the practicalities of long-haul travel demand a more considered in-flight wardrobe. It is important to put your personal comfort as your top priority. You will potentially want to rest and sleep on board; restricting clothing and fabrics won’t help.

Cashmere loungewear, loose-fitting pants, and supportive, comfortable footwear are all essential clothing items for a comfortable flight. Brands such as Cuyana stock indulgent cashmere pieces that are perfect for flying.

If you are traveling for business, look to brands such as Aday. Their collections offer versatile workwear pieces in wrinkle-resistant, breathable fabrics that take you from cabin to boardroom in some of the most comfortable clothes for flying around.

2. Stay hydrated

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag after a long-haul flight is to stay hydrated throughout your flight. Hydration feeds our cellular structures and helps the body to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. It can also help to sleep deeper and longer too, perfect for overnight flights.

Staying hydrated is essential to maintain the moisture balance in your skin. Cabin pressure and air-conditioning systems can dry out skin and lips during long flights. By drinking plenty of water, you can support your in-flight skincare routine and arrive at your destination as fresh-faced as when you boarded.

3. Exercise before you fly

When considering how to prepare your body for long-haul flight, remember to keep your daily routines as close to normal as possible. This includes your daily exercise regimen. Exercise is vital for boosting mood-enhancing and stress reducing chemical in our bodies and can help to regulate our circadian rhythms.

Aim to do your regular workout about four hours before your flight if possible. This will allow your body to return to a rested state when you board and avoid feeling hot and sweating that can occur after an intense workout.

4. Eat nutritious food

Should you eat before a flight or wait until you board? It is a question many travelers pose when preparing for a long-haul flight. It is generally best to eat before you board, but what you eat is just as important as when you eat.

The best foods to eat before a long flight include slow-burning complex carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein from sources such as eggs or fish. When on board, stick to fruit and vegetables. Bananas are great as their potassium levels with help regulate your blood sugar levels. Flying can reduce your immune system response too, so apples and oranges are great for travelers due to their high vitamin C concentrations.

5. Practice meditation and yoga

Long-haul flying can be stressful and tiresome, mindful practices such as yoga and meditation are great at helping us stay focused on the present and connecting with your breath. As part of your long-haul flight preparation, try a pre-flight yoga routine with essential stretches and breathing techniques to keep you calm and rested.

Guided meditation apps such as headspace are perfect to listen to on your way to the airport. Sitting still and focusing on your personal wellbeing is a great way to set a good tone and intention for your long journey ahead.

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