VistaJet Moments

Soup Story

Seven marathons. Seven continents. Four days.

Whichever way you look at them, the numbers just don’t seem to stack up. But logic and common sense be damned — when you’re asked to help make a world record dream become a reality, you find a way. For the team at VistaJet, that meant plotting out a globe-trotting route with military precision and not a leg out of place.

It meant flying at specific flight levels in order to shave off precious minutes on every journey. It meant recruiting a dedicated onboard engineer, and having backup jets at the ready on every stop, just in case anything happened to go wrong. And it meant sourcing perfectly-balanced plant-based meals, in all four corners of the globe, to ensure our marathon man had all the energy he needed at every step. When entrepreneur Kyle Vogt crossed the finish line on his seventh and final marathon last year — recording a time of 81 hours, 38 minutes, and 46 seconds — the new world record belonged emphatically to him. But a small part of it, perhaps, will always belong to the team at VistaJet, too.

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