Private Jet Charter Flights Jacksonville to/from Las Vegas

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At VistaJet, we are proud to provide global private jet services unlike any other. Our exceptional in-flight service is tailored to each individual, ensuring you have a relaxing and efficient flight to your destination.

Whether you are returning home to Florida after a long week of meetings or jetting off for some much-needed R&R, our flights from Las Vegas to Jacksonville and vice versa will get you to where you need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get comfortable in one of our fully equipped business suites or relax in a peaceful family space. Our expert cabin crew will tailor their service to your specific requests, creating a home away from home in the sky.

Book private jet flights from Jacksonville to Las Vegas

Enjoy a luxurious flight on board one of our private jets, with cabin crew to cater to your every need, along with an a la carte menu of gourmet dishes and our signature wine list. We have flown some of the world’s most prestigious individuals, which has enabled us to design the ultimate cabin experience to ensure you get the most from your journey.

We have over 70 private jets in our fleet, including the long-range Bombardier Global 7500, and have taken journeys to remote locations across the globe. We are proud to be the first and only global aviation company, pioneering a new way to fly, without any of the burdens of owning a personal aircraft.

Book your private flights from Jacksonville to Las Vegas or in the opposite direction today. Our client services team is here to assist you and tailor your in-flight experience to your requests.

The cost of private flights between Las Vegas and Jacksonville

At VistaJet, we strive to ensure private air travel is as value-focused as possible for our members, without compromising on the exceptional service you should expect from a private airline. Every component of our fleet has been carefully crafted to ensure the needs of our clientele are met and our excellent onboard team provide high-quality service, tailored specifically to each individual’s requests.

Your needs and desires are at the forefront of everything we do, allowing our teams to design the perfect flight packages to suit you. Use our cost calculator to compare the value of a VistaJet membership to your existing private aviation solution.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss flight costs from Jacksonville to Las Vegas and back again.

Empty Leg flights from Jacksonville to Las Vegas

Our Empty Leg offers make it easy to arrange last-minute flights for those urgent business trips or late-notice getaways. At VistaJet, Direct Members can enjoy up to 75% off standard air fares, as well as early access to Empty Leg bookings.

The VistaJet app has been specifically designed for our members, with the option to set notifications for your regular routes or browse Empty Leg seats for a discounted fare. Check for optimal value on your flights from Las Vegas to Jacksonville today.

Join the VistaJet community today

Our experience of offering private air travel to some of the world’s most prestigious clients has helped us craft two membership options to provide our passengers with the service and access they need, when they need it. Members enjoy exclusive benefits and access to our entire fleet of private aircraft.

Our Direct membership is ideal for those who travel for business and need an efficient service with minimal planning. Direct members will experience fast booking options for all journeys, favorable rates and early access to Empty Leg flights.

For those travelling in luxury who need guaranteed access to a private jet, our Program membership is the perfect choice. All routes have a fixed hourly rate and members can gain access with as little as 24 hours’ notice. You can enjoy all the benefits of owning a private plane without having to deal with the upkeep.

Contact our client services team for more information on memberships or to sign up today.

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