Private Jet Charter Flights Kona to/from Las Vegas

Planning a trip and need flights from Kona to Las Vegas? Whether you’ve been soaking up the sun in Hawaii or need to attend an important business meeting, we’ve got your private flight covered. Let VistaJet take you to the brightest city on earth with our luxury fleet of private aircraft.

With every flight, we aim to ensure that you arrive at your meetings, events, or accommodation within the shortest time possible. No matter the reason for leaving the golden sands of Hawaii behind, our team of private aviation specialists is here to sweeten your return with efficient and reliable luxury travel.

Can I book private flights from Kona to Las Vegas?

It’s never been easier to book private flights with luxury service guaranteed. With over 70 private aircraft, discover our iconic fleet of silver and red Bombardier jets ready to take you anywhere in the world.

Our unparalleled in-flight experience is imbued with the levels of attention to detail needed to make every bespoke journey exceed expectations. With revised health and safety measures to ensure the safeguarding of our passengers and crew against COVID-19, we can confidently provide a safe and seamless flight from Kona to Las Vegas.

Can I book return flights from Las Vegas, Nevada to Kona, Hawaii?

With VistaJet passengers having been flown to over 1,900 airports, we guarantee you’ll be able to make the return journey to your desired location, regardless of the distance. Our team of pilots and cabin crew will prioritize your safety and comfort, with your specific needs at the center of your experience. We’ll be ready to take you back to Hawaii whenever you need us.

Book your private flight from Las Vegas to Kona in Hawaii or vice versa today, consulting our client services team to tailor your experience. Whether you’re traveling with colleagues, friends, or family, our bespoke flights epitomize excellence and luxury.

How much do private flights between Kona and Las Vegas cost?

VistaJet aims to provide value-driven private flying solutions without compromising on efficiency or quality. Our two membership options have been developed with your individual needs at the heart of the service we provide. The cost of your flights will be determined by how many people you choose to travel with, the aircraft you fly in, and the destination you’d like to reach.

The fastest way to start flying with us is by becoming a Direct member. With this option, you’ll enjoy access to our fleet at preferential rates and be among the first to be notified of any Empty Leg deals. Simply download our app and we’ll let you know when the next available flight from Kona to Las Vegas is ready to depart.

For more regular passengers looking for an alternative solution to owning an aircraft, our Program membership could be an ideal premium option. Without depreciation or capital risk, Program revolves around a fixed hourly rate and offers guaranteed availability with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

With either Direct or Program, you’ll have access to a wealth of opportunities and benefits exclusive to VistaJet members. The premium service we deliver is aimed to provide a valuable long-term solution for clients seeking reliable and efficient private flights, time after time.

How do i book a flight from Kona to Las Vegas?

It’s easy to book one of our private flights if you’ve signed up for a membership. If you’re a Direct member, simply use your mobile app to request flights or be notified if your desired route becomes available.

For our members with a dedicated Program, it’s possible to create a bespoke cabin experience to be replicated on every future flight you take with us. Just enter your requirements online and we’ll remember the rest, realizing your personalized visions for a luxury flight with every journey.

If you’re looking to book private flights from Kona to Las Vegas but need a more cost-effective solution, our Empty Leg flights could provide an exciting opportunity and save you up to 75%.

We understand that a luxury flight looks different for every passenger, so consult our team of aviation experts to help tailor your in-flight experience today.

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