The VistaJet-to-Yacht service

Safely access your yacht, now.

If you own a yacht, or are planning to charter one, you might be concerned about how you will reach it.

Regulations and global safety requirements in 2020 are particularly complex, and could prove costly for your holiday plans.

Designed especially for you, the VistaJet-to-Yacht service is a unique and safe way to access your yacht. All you need is a passport or visa which allows you to travel to Malta. The rest, you can leave with us.

The World Health Organization singled out Malta as a role model for other countries in the fight against COVID-19, for implementing a number of effective measures to flatten the curve and control the situation.

Getting ready

How to book

  • Contact VistaJet via your Customer Experience Manager or by using the form below
  • Request your flight: departure, date and time, number of passengers
  • Provide your Health Declaration for the flight
  • Book the VistaJet-to-Yacht service* to include:
    • Flight from your preferred location to Malta
    • Private customs and VIP lounge on arrival
    • Direct transport from aircraft to the marina
    • Onboarded stock with your preferred items through our Concierge partner
    • Yacht handling via our local agent


All you need for your yacht in Malta

  • Our agent will contact you to arrange the best marina berth for your yacht
  • Let us know all that you need to be sourced locally to get your yacht ready
  • Sign the Safe Passage agreement accepting that you and your guests will:
    • Not stop anywhere on your way from the jet to the yacht
    • Not leave the yacht while moored
    • Not sail to local islands and disembark
    • Declare your planned yachting route:
      • Stay in the marina
      • Sail within Maltese waters
      • Sail out of Maltese waters
Private jet to your yacht

Time to travel


  • During the current climate, your temperature will be taken to confirm it is within the authorized limits
  • Your crew will provide you with a mask and gloves


  • Wear your mask and gloves before disembarking the aircraft
  • A nurse will check your temperature
  • Customs will check your passport in the private lounge
  • You will be transported directly from the airport to your yacht in a pre-sanitized car
  • Your yacht will have been pre-stocked by the Concierge team and you will be ready to go
We will address you as fullname here. Should you prefer to be addressed differently please click here.

* For maximum safety, the VistaJet-to-Yacht service is provided upon a set of strict conditions. Full details will be detailed in your agreement. Please note that costs are non-refundable and offer is subject to all applicable rules and regulations, including penalties for non-compliance.

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