Taking In-Flight Pet Care To New Heights

At VistaJet, we know the health and wellbeing of your pets is paramount. That's why our team are committed to delivering the same first-class in-flight experience for every passenger who flies with us — including all furry and feathered companions.

When flying with VistaJet, your pets will have:

Nutritious and nourishing food

One of the many aspects we pride ourselves on is the superb quality of our in-flight menu. This is just as true for your pets as it is for you. With our enhanced VistaPet program, we serve a balanced menu that is designed to keep your pets healthy, happy and hydrated.

All our pet passengers are fed meal options curated by clinical veterinarian Dr Bruce Fogle. Our menu comprises of prime cuts of fresh meat, baked salmon, roast chicken, all served with raw vegetables or whole grain rice.

VistaPet, for the fearful ones

A safe and soft cabin

Safety is a top propriety at VistaJet, but it doesn’t mean we compromise on comfort. Our inviting cabins provide a safe and comfortable environment for all pets.

Whilst flying requirements state your pets must be restrained on their leash or in a travel cage at take-off, on landing, and during any turbulence — at all other times, they are free to explore our interiors. We even provide a handmade Labbvenn sleep mat for extra comfort.

A personal VistaPet Pochette

Each pet on each flight will find a VistaPet Pochette waiting for them on board. Inside the Pochette is a collection of items that will keep your pet well cared for during and after their travels.

The VistaPet Pochette includes:

  • Bio-organic food from Rockster that contains high-quality nutrients for your faithful companion in the air or on the ground.
  • A delicious selection of Random Rewards treats from The Dog House, because why should Michelin-starred cuisine only be for humans*?
  • A Travel Care Kit from Kibble Pet, which includes water-free shampoos and calming wipes for an even greater sense of pet relaxation.
  • Furzu rope toys – the sure-fire way to keep your pup or dog entertained on board as you cruise towards your destination.

The Dog House was created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux

VistaPet, for the fearful ones

Access to fear of flying courses

For pets who might not feel comfortable with flying, VistaJet offers pre-flight courses (in partnership with The Dog House) to help prepare pets for their flight. The four-week course includes:

  • Getting used to the sound of our jets' engines.
  • Feeling at ease with the changing air pressure.
  • Coping with the movements of any turbulence.

Pet-friendly properties – located around the world

As with everything we do for our valued Members, our service to you (and your pets) extends beyond the in-flight experience. We want to make sure everything is as smooth as it can be when you arrive at your chosen destination.

It starts with our in-depth knowledge of global travel rules and regulations. We'll tell you what you need to know before your pet flies, so that you have the required documentation and vaccinations for your pet.

And once you arrive? Well you can choose from our carefully crafted collection of pet-friendly accommodation, facilities and partners — all will make sure that you and your pet are well catered for, wherever you are in the world.

VistaPet, for the fearful ones

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