Travel Hacks: How to work on a plane

Whether you work for an organization with offices on the east and west coasts, or you’re one of the growing number of digital nomads who travel the globe seeking adventure and another way of life, working on a plane gives you a rare opportunity to get work done uninterrupted.

As leaders in global travel, we know a thing or two about working at 38,000 feet, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the most out of working on a plane, so you can have your most productive commute yet.

Pre-flight prep for working on a plane

If you’re planning on working on a plane, you’ll want to book a daytime flight. While a red eye is great for catching up on sleep before touching down in another state or country, daytime flights will help you get into the mindset of work.

If your flight is interstate, you’ll only have a few hours of productivity available, but if you’re travelling to Europe or Asia, you’ll be able to have a more normal ‘workday’ pattern. When you’re travelling to another continent, you’ll want to choose a flight time that coincides with your destination’s working hours to help you acclimate. Of course, when you fly with VistaJet you can tailor your travel plans to help you get the most out of working on a plane.

The night before your flight, check all your electronics are fully charged and that you have any documents you might need. Make a list of jobs you have to do before the flight, work you can do during, and tasks that can wait until you arrive at your destination. Having it all written out in front of you will immediately help you feel more organized.

You won’t be able to tackle all of your normal day-to-day jobs, but there are still things you can complete on the flight, like answering emails, creating presentations, drawing up future plans, and additional reading.

Packing essentials to help with working on a plane

Working on a plane can present more challenges than working in an office or working from home, but there are things you can pack in your carry-on baggage that will help ensure you have a productive flight.

Make sure you have a comfortable pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Because they’ll filter out all the external noise, you’ll be better able to concentrate on the task at hand. If you’re traveling to another country, you’ll want to have an adapter in your carry-on so when you arrive you can drop your bags at the hotel and get straight to work. And of course, a good book is essential when you need to take a break. But don’t worry if you forget the latest Grisham, VistaJet have a curated collection of books for all tastes and time frames onboard their VistaJet Library.

Onboard assistance

When working on a plane you’ll want to be able to knuckle down and get on with the jobs that need doing without interruption. Perhaps the important commodity in today’s world is the ability to easily connect to fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Most airplanes do have Wi-Fi, but it’s always worth checking with your airline to make sure it’s available. Of course, with VistaJet, onboard Wi-Fi comes as standard.

Similarly, when working on a plane, you’ll want to have enough room to spread out and work effectively. Whether it’s just you and your laptop or you need a whole table for documents – maybe you’ll even be hosting a meeting – having enough space to work is an important aspect of achieving productivity at 38,000 feet. While it may not be possible on a commercial flight, when you charter a flight with VistaJet, you’re guaranteed more than enough space for all your needs.

Working on a plane is a hungry business, and you’ll want the food served to be nutritious and delicious to help you power through your workload. If possible, choose meals packed full of protein and fresh vegetables, and try and restrict sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake when working on a plane to help you stay alert, and avoid the inevitable sugar crash.

Fly with us

If you’re ready to fly with VistaJet for work, then our Dynamic Corporate membership is for you. Across our fleet, every cabin has been designed with our passengers’ needs in mind, so when you choose to work on one of our airplanes, you’ll be granted access to our fully enabled business suites.

Need to book your next trip? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk us through your requirements.

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