Empty Leg Flights Atlanta

VistaJet prides itself on creating an unparalleled travel experience both domestically and internationally. Atlanta features as one of our top US departure locations, as well as welcoming incoming flights from around the globe. Our empty leg flights offer an opportunity to take advantage of cheap private flights from Atlanta, meaning you can enjoy a paramount travel experience at a fraction of the normal cost.

I’m looking for cheap private flights from Atlanta – where can empty legs take me?

Our bespoke services fly in and out of Atlanta from and to virtually every destination around the world. Whether that’s a domestic journey out to one of California’s many airports or an international adventure to Fortaleza, Brazil or St. John in Antigua and Barbuda, the world is at your fingertips with VistaJet. We can arrange to travel from any suitable location in Atlanta, private airport or otherwise.

Where empty legs are concerned, you’ll be looking to take advantage of one of our repositioning flights heading into or out of the city. What those predetermined routes are depends completely on our private bookings schedule, but you can keep up-to-date with new empty leg availabilities by checking our website or via the VistaJet App.

What you can be assured off, no matter where you end up travelling to, is that you’ll receive the full VistaJet experience on every single one of our private flights.

What’s the typical cost associated with empty leg private jet hire?

With empty leg private jet charter, it pays to have some flexibility in your travel plans, whether that be with timings or indeed departure and arrival locations. You can expect your empty leg flight to cost you 25%-75% less than one of our standard private charters - an incredible saving that comes at no expense of the quality of service provided.

What that precise cost will be will depend on a variety of factors including the distance and duration of the flight, as well as the number of passengers travelling, and the type of aircraft involved.

Booking private charter flights to and from Atlanta

For more information on cheap private flights from Atlanta, or indeed any other destination worldwide, head over to our empty leg offers and FAQs section. We recommend you download the VistaJet app, where you can become a Direct Member, book special rate flights and receive notifications when an empty leg offer is scheduled near you.

If you’re interested in private charter flights to and from Atlanta on your terms, take a look into our bespoke services.

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