Da Michele pizza


Ask any Neapolitan worth his salt where the best pizza in the world comes from, and they’ll tell you all about Da Michele.

A tiny, ancient, hole-in-the-wall spot down in the Porto neighbourhood of Naples. Something to do with the water used for the dough, they’ll say, or the richness of the tomatoes, or the fact that the place has been family run since 1870.

What they’ll also mention, however, is that Da Michele doesn’t do delivery or takeaway under any circumstances whatsoever. Which is exactly as it should be — unless, perhaps, you’ve got seven hungry clients desperate to try the legendary delicacy as they wait for their flight to depart from the local airport.

In the face of a nigh-on-impossible task, a member of our private dining team suddenly remembered he went to school with one of the chefs down at Da Michele — and after what seemed like hours of haggling, reminiscing and serenading — convinced him to allow us to collect seven pizzas and deliver them personally to the airport, and the open arms of our clients. It was a huge mountain to climb for just €21 worth of pizzas. But you can’t put a price on that dough.

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