How to Combat Flight Anxity

Travel Hacks: Flight Anxiety

For some, flying is a terrifying experience. If you suffer from aerophobia, you might not ever feel that pre-vacation excitement, and you might also struggle to psyche yourself up to travel for business. Fear of getting on a flight can start from childhood, or even emerge in later life as a result of different triggers. In order to ease some of your negative thoughts before stepping foot on a plane, here are some tips on how to get over flight anxiety.

Trust the experts

The pilots – as well as all the crew – are specialists in their field. They have had extensive training and know just how to look after you. Before flying, it can really help to educate yourself on all the facts that you might find useful to know. As per the data released from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), your chances of being involved in an airplane accident are one in eleven million. Plus, aircrafts undergo extensive testing to maximize passenger safety.

At VistaJet, we lead the industry in pioneering and adopting the most advanced technologies in business aviation. Through our comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), we are able to identify, assess and mitigate risk for a safe operation and working environment for all our customers and employees. In partnership with MedAire, we can also arrange comprehensive fear of flying courses anywhere in the world, because we want to ensure that our customers feel their best before, during and after their flight.

Share how you are feeling

Some of the reasons why people are afraid to fly include a fear of the unknown, a fear of being out of control and feeling claustrophobic. By simply telling someone how you feel, it can really help to make you feel calmer.

A great first step toward conquering your flight anxiety is to figure out what triggers your fear in the first place. As soon as you have identified it and been honest with others, it will help you to recognize that your phobia is irrational. Also, if the people you are travelling with are aware of your fears, they will be able to help distract you.

Avoid certain drinks

It’s not unusual for people to think that alcohol might help to take the edge off of flying. However, this can actually have the opposite effect, and end up making your flight anxiety worse. Alcohol – as well as caffeine – can leave you feeling more dehydrated during the flight and can aggravate anxiety issues. It’s better to drink plenty of water instead and opt for lots of healthy food.

Take some time to meditate

Meditation is great tool to help individuals stay calm. This centuries-old technique is one of the best coping mechanisms for modern terrors, so before and after you fly, ensure that you concentrate on being present in the moment, being aware of – and accepting – your panicky feelings, rather than getting caught up in bad memories or horrible future predictions.

On an aircraft, there’s often little to no space to stretch out and practice your breathing techniques. However, with VistaJet, we can offer you a home-away-from-home cabin experience. From restful family spaces to luxurious soft beds, our cabins are fully equipped for all your needs.

Choose your favorite distraction tools

To help with your flight anxiety, ensure that you have packed familiar pleasures to take with you. Do you enjoy writing in your journal? Listening to music? Or perhaps you find comfort in reading a book by an author that you love?

When you travel with VistaJet, you will also have the option to explore a collection of literature from writers of the past and today. On our Global 7500 aircraft, you will find an extensive library filled with some of the best titles. All you have to do is simply pick out one that takes your fancy, sit back, relax and get stuck in.

Wherever you need to be, allow us to provide the perfect, calm setting so that you can keep your flight anxiety at bay. No matter whether you need to get to the UK for work or want to head out to Cuba for a trip with friends, simply get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you organize your next trip.

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