How to have a great sleep during charter jet travel

Trying to achieve a good rest during charter jet travel can sometimes prove difficult – but not when you fly with VistaJet. On board our luxurious fleet of over 70 aircraft, we do everything to ensure that you get some precious sleep in the air. Our unrivalled, tailored service, the Ultimate Sky Sleep program, ensures that you can lie down, relax, re-energize and get ready for the trip ahead. See below for some top tips on what you can do on board to guarantee a great sleep.

Unwind as soon as you step on the aircraft

As soon as you step inside one of our private jets, you’ll be greeted by our Cabin Hostesses and dedicated Customer Experience and Private Dining teams. They take pride in catering for the smallest details and will help you with anything you need in order to unwind. On board our Global aircraft, you’ll find a specially curated library of dozens of books selected by London-based bookstore Heywood Hill, which you can use to switch your mind off on your journey.

Listen to something relaxing

From podcasts to your favorite artists, listening to something during charter jet travel can also work wonders for relaxation. Some meditation apps also offer audio experiences that help listeners to visualize calming experiences, which then helps them to drift off.

Take advantage of the spaces to sleep on board

On board a VistaJet plane, not only can you expect buttery Italian leather for a comfortable home-away-from-home feel and cashmere eye masks and socks that are complemented by 100% natural skincare products, but you can also sink into our beds with feather-down duvets, Egyptian cotton bed linen and cashmere blankets. During charter air travel with us, you’ll notice how we strive to ensure that all our passengers are as comfortable as possible.

Dress comfortably

Loose fitting, lightweight clothing will help to ensure that you can get comfortable during charter jet travel. With our unrivalled services on board, you can shower and change your attire before landing and heading off to your next meeting or appointment.

Eat light

When you opt for charter travel with VistaJet, you can choose from a range of delectable dishes from our seasonal a la carte menu. Our partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned chefs ensure that all our passengers eat well during their journey. Once you’ve sampled some of the meals on offer, you can sit back comfortably and catch up on some well-deserved rest.

To gain global access and an unparalleled service on the biggest fleet of privately owned jets, become a VistaJet Member today. Or, if you’d like more information on our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or request a quote – one of our expert team will be happy to answer any questions.

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