Our 3 biggest private jets: what you need to know

Are you heading off on vacation with friends to celebrate a special occasion? Planning an unforgettable trip with your family? Or jetting off on business with your colleagues? Whatever the reason for your flight, we have plenty of large private jets for you to enjoy. Below, we explore the three biggest private jets we operate in terms of passenger capacity, as well as the incredible facilities each aircraft offers.

Our biggest private jet: Bombardier Global 7500

Based on passenger capacity, our biggest private jet at present is the fantastic Bombardier Global 7500. This exceptional business jet has a cabin length of 54ft 5in, offering enough space to accommodate 14 passengers or 8 for sleeping. It’s currently the world’s largest and longest-range business jet, with four roomy living areas including a permanent bedroom, kitchen, and entertainment suite.

Whether you’re jetting off for work or play, the Global 7500 has comfortable and luxurious facilities that will ensure your journey is nothing short of exceptional. Chair a conference in the dedicated suite, get a great night’s sleep in the cozy bedroom, or relax with a movie on the comfortable leather couch.

Our second biggest private jet: Global 6000

Next up is the Global 6000 – the second largest private jet available in our fleet in terms of passenger capacity. With a cabin length of 43ft 3in, it provides plenty of room for up to 14 passengers or 7 sleeping. The sizable three-zone interior means you won’t be short of space in the sky, allowing you to sleep, entertain, and work as you please.

The Global 6000 has a range of premium facilities that will make your time on board enjoyable. Stay connected with colleagues, friends, or family on the ground with the fast internet connectivity onboard. Land feeling refreshed by getting a great night’s sleep in our luxury linens, after enjoying a delicious meal from our a la carte menu.

Our third biggest private jet: Global 5000

With a cabin length of 40ft 9in, the third biggest private jet available is the Global 5000. This high-performing aircraft can cater for up to 13 passengers or 7 sleeping, getting you where you need to be fast and in the utmost comfort. VistaJet’s fleet of Global 5000’s are US based and can be hired for direct flights from and within the United States.

Suited to both business and leisure travelers, you can rest, work, or entertain on board the Global 5000. Relax with refreshments and enjoy a movie, sample fantastic cuisine from our a la carte menu, or work productively thanks to fast internet connectivity.

What are the advantages of hiring big private jets?

The first and most obvious advantage is the amount of space you can enjoy on board our large private jets. These three aircraft can accommodate between 13 and 14 passengers, and have spacious cabins with dedicated areas to sleep, dine, and work. That means that however you want to spend your time in the air, our big private jets can cater to your requirements.

Plus, if you’re looking for a private, quick, and efficient way to get everyone from A to B, hiring a big private jet may be the answer. Our Program memberships make hiring a private plane a highly efficient and cost-effective option, with flights charged at a fixed hourly rate. Hiring a jet also means that you don’t need to worry about potential depreciation and asset risks associated with buying an aircraft.

If you’re wondering exactly how cost-effective hiring a large private jet would be compared to ownership, use our simple cost calculator. This will show you the value of our memberships against buying and maintaining your own jet. Don’t forget that as well as cost-effective benefits, hiring gives you round-the-clock access to our 70-strong fleet of private jets.

If you’d like to find out more or book one of our large private jets for your next trip, get in touch with us today.

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