Sarah Haywood


Sarah Haywood

Worldwide, Throughout 2024

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From intimate gatherings to grand occasions, Sarah and her team specialize in planning, designing and producing exceptional events internationally.

We are offering our Members an exclusive opportunity to sit down with Sarah herself and plan an unforgettable event.

About Sarah Haywood


Sarah Haywood planned her first party over twenty years ago. What began as a sideline in party planning whilst working as a TV reporter and producer is now an award winning, international business.

Sarah is the author of two wedding books and regularly appears on television and radio in her capacity as a wedding expert and party planner; most notably as CNN's bridal expert for their worldwide simulcast on the Royal Wedding day of the Prince and Princess of Wales. She features in the lifestyle and bridal press both in the UK and overseas.

An award winning business woman with a reputation for excellence, Sarah Haywood is in demand as a speaker at event and business conferences, and as a consultant for venues, hotels and bridal businesses. As an expert in her field, Sarah has worked with a diverse array of international brands from Unilever to HBO, including consulting for the critically acclaimed hit TV drama Succession.

"Sarah Haywood is the most sought after nuptial artist in the world"