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Discover art in a favorite city, hosted by an unexpected specialist guest.

Pablo Picasso 

Follow in the footsteps of Picasso

Take in the sights of Paris in the footsteps of Picasso, departing from Le Meurice hotel, where the artist celebrated his wedding and spent the best part of his life.

And there is more — The Luminaire has assembled a Guild of expert minds to create travel experiences that cultivate a deeper understanding of the world. Start learning from the moment you step on board a VistaJet silver and red jet and explore why the French Riviera was a muse for so many Impressionist artists, or understand how once-overlooked female painters are perceived today at Art Biennale in Venice.

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“I have loved art for my whole life, each piece providing me with inspiration and a sense of awe. I do not consider myself a collector — the art that I have discovered from all corners of the planet helps me focus and pushes me to dream the incredible.”

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman, VistaJet

Museums and galleries

Book a flight and go behind the scenes of the most iconic museums in the world, for a patron-only view of their collections. Access the most prominent moments of the art calendar and visit artists’ studios to experience art in the making.

    Art services

    The world’s premier collectors can access the expertise of VistaJet’s partners to request support in selecting the best pieces across all collecting categories, adding value to their collection.

    Private World can introduce you to trusted partners to request financing for and through art, insurance and transportation services, to take advantage of the next opportunity. Let our partners support you with new acquisitions and art investments.


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    Private World can facilitate each VistaJet Member’s access to the world of art. Contact us for introductions to the major art fairs, events, and museums, to arrange private tours of the world’s art sanctuaries and historical places, to request a recommendation for art sourcing and financing, or simply request a flight to your next art expedition.

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