VistaJet joins the Russian United Business Aviation Association

VistaJet, the world’s premier luxury aviation operator with the largest wholly-owned fleet outside of the Americas, based in Salzburg, Austria, has in July joined the Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA). This venture with VistaJet indicates not only the growth of the Association but also the recognition of its activities on an international level.

As a global operator providing exceptional and unparalleled standards of quality, style and service, the Russian business market is key to VistaJet, not only for the company’s growth and expansion, but that of the industry too. Together with RUBAA all the efforts will be more efficient.

Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman, of VistaJet said, “Russian customers have always admired our luxury service and we are seeing unprecedented demand in Russia and other fast-growth developing markets in which we operate. VistaJet is excited about further leveraging the Russian market and sharing experiences through our membership.”

Anna Serejkina, RUBAA Executive Director said, “I would like to thank VistaJet for their decision and trust, as well as for readiness to share their knowledge and experience through workshops we are planning together. Without a doubt, VistaJet’s membership and future activities will draw a lot of attention and be of great use for everyone.”


The Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) was formed in July 2009 through merger of the Russian Business Aviation Association (RBAA) and the United Business Aviation Association (UBAA). As of now about 55 entities representing the full spectrum of the Russian business aviation market are full and associate members of the association.

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