VistaJet – The Illustrated Story

In 2014 VistaJet celebrates its 10th anniversary, an important company milestone that we will highlight with various activities throughout the year.

Our first event took place at the Arts Club in London on January 28th, with the launch of ‘VistaJet – The Illustrated Story’ book.

Brilliantly illustrated by renowned artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme, with text by copywriter Simona Rabinovitch. The story touches on the milestones and growth of VistaJet since inception. VistaJet customers, prospects, business partners and friends were invited to view the original works of art and meet Jean-Philippe himself for a signed copy of the book.

Nina Flohr, Brand Director at VistaJet said “I was browsing through my favourite bookshop on a rainy Sunday night in New York and I stumbled across Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s book. I fell in love with his illustrative style and use of the gouache method. His work immediately transported me into a world that made me feel positive. Jean-Philippe is representative of a romantic reality. I adore how he is visually so elegant yet funny and charming at the same time. I am proud to have worked with Jean-Philippe and I think his work is a great fit to the VistaJet brand.”

Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Jean-Philippe Delhomme is a fashion illustrator, painter and cultural writer based in Paris. His work has gained recognition with collaborations and award-winning ad campaigns for Barneys New York, SAAB USA, The Mark Hotel NYC, Le Bon Marché in Paris, and Sotheby’s.

As a fashion illustrator, and a chronicler of culture, he has written and illustrated several books such as The Cultivated Life and Design Addicts. He has also penned several novels as well as articles for French GQ, Architectural Digest France and Vogue Paris.

Jean-Philippe contributes regularly to GQ France and GQ USA (most indelibly as the illustrator for Glenn O’Brien’s column, “The Style Guy”). Jean-Philippe’s ability to capture moments, as well as characterize people and situations with his own distinctive style made him a perfect match for collaboration on ‘VistaJet – The Illustrated Story’. He has a strong affiliation with art and each illustration includes small subtleties and hints that bring the story to life. His style, simple yet with attention to detail, echo’s that of the VistaJet brand.

Simona Rabinovitch

Simona Rabinovitch is a New York based writer, performer and traveller who covers arts, pop culture, travel, music and entertainment for the Globe & Mail, Billboard.com, NUVO and many more. She has also contributed to Lonely Planet, Interview, Paper, Nylon, ELLE Canada and Spin.com, penned columns and edited international magazines. Throughout the text Simona engages the reader in the VistaJet story and weaves in the company spirit using anecdotes from employees and friends of VistaJet.

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