VistaJet debuts new flight crew uniforms

After an extensive search, Nina Flohr appointed Giancarlo Petriglia to design uniforms for VistaJet crew members that are uniquely reflective of VistaJet’s refined aesthetic. Flohr worked closely with Petriglia to create stylish uniforms that will also remain durable and comfortable enough to withstand long work hours in the air.

Petriglia was particularly inspired by the 1960’s Jet Age while working with VistaJet, and the new VistaJet uniforms are reminiscent of the understated elegance of the flight attendant and pilot uniforms of the era. Alternatively, Petriglia took inspiration from the very modern style icon, Carla Bruni, for the sophisticated flight attendant hats.

These sleek designs incorporate the pervasive red detailing, ubiquitous on VistaJet’s fleet of luxurious jets. Petriglia also incorporated red into the uniform’s ties and scarves, playing with VistaJet’s logo to refine the scarves’ pattern. The new flight crew uniform designs encompass VistaJet founder and sole owner Thomas Flohr’s vision of a consistently upscale private jet experience.

“I have greatly enjoyed working closely with Nina to create such beautiful uniforms for the VistaJet flight crew. Nina’s wonderful spirit, innate class, and modernity are reflective of my designs.”

Giancarlo Petriglia, Italian Designer

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