The ultimate New Year’s Eve with VistaJet

Celebrate several times on the ground and on board

2022 is slowly drawing to a close and at the stroke of midnight on December 31st around the globe, corks will pop, and colorful fireworks will burst into the sky. Have you ever dreamed of savoring that moment by ringing in the New Year multiple times in one evening? With VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, anything is possible. On board its flagship aircraft, the Global 7500, New Year's Eve revelers can meet the start of 2023 several times, across multiple time zones.

VistaJet’s Global 7500 is the only aircraft for this occasion, meeting demand for long-haul flights, flying up to 7,700 nautical miles and 17-hours without having to refuel, connecting some of the world’s most expansive city pairings in a truly enjoyable setting, including routes such as Tokyo to Los Angeles, New York to Hong Kong and Singapore to San Francisco.

On board, the route from Tokyo to Los Angeles in a westerly direction not only connects two of the world’s most exciting party cities, but with a flight spanning 17 different time zones, you can start your New Year's Eve celebrations in Tokyo and then fly out to Los Angeles to start the celebrations all over again.

In between destinations, while in the sky, party goers will experience a burst of multiple New Year’s celebrations, clinking their champagne glasses an astounding 17 times over the time zones, while enjoying VistaJet’s unparalleled onboard service and then land refreshed and invigorated, to party in the City of Angels.

Below is what this could look like on board a Global 7500 with VistaJet:

New Year's Eve dinner above the clouds

At a table at 45,000 feet — higher than Mount Everest — is probably the highest you will ever dine. This is the unique experience offered by VistaJet, allowing passengers to embark on a curated voyage through the finest delicacies in the world — on board and at destination this New Year’s. Many of VistaJet’s award-winning partners, and sought-after private and Michelin-starred chefs, have reformulated their iconic dishes to create exclusive meals that taste perfect in a VistaJet cabin at high altitude, with the senses in mind. This means clients can explore new flavors and make bespoke requests on the VistaJet Private Dining App — and this New Year’s is no exception.

To complement a vibrant and vivacious New Year’s dinner, tables are stylishly set with Christofle silver, porcelain tableware and crystal glassware.

Wine tasting with a view

To complete the New Year's Eve dinner, an exquisite selection of delicious wines is of course available. These VistaJet partners were personally selected by VistaJet Founder and Chairman, Thomas Flohr, and come from some of the most revered wineries in the world. The selection ranges from classics like the smooth and ripe Château Pape Clément, to the Pessac Léognan with its fine raspberry note, to the Bass Chardonnay, which combines a clear character and good acidity with a fresh and lingering finish.

Stylish ambience at 45,000 feet

Sink into one of the comfortable leather reclining seats on board the Global 7500. The aircraft is equipped with the largest cabin available in its class and relaxing interiors — four living spaces, including a private bedroom, large galley area, and living area with a table that seats up to six, spacious enough for multiple New Year’s festivities in the clouds. Even better, at 45,000 feet, the Global 7500 has an equivalent air pressure of only 4,500 feet and alongside the Soleil lighting system — the industry’s first circadian rhythm-based lighting system — you will arrive at destination fully refreshed and ready to continue the celebrations.

Arrive on the ground well-rested

For a relaxing snooze in between, VistaJet has everything for you with the Ultimate Sky Sleep package. VistaJet endeavors to make passenger bedtime a truly restful experience. The VistaJet cabin is meant to be an office in the sky as well as a home away from home. The Ultimate Sky Sleep begins with a custom fitted skysleeper mattress; 100% cotton quilted mattress toppers; 400-thread count Egyptian cotton linens; hypoallergenic feather duvets and pillows; cashmere blankets and socks; eyemasks; VistaJet pyjamas and slippers.

For those wishing to rest but not sleep, why not snuggle up under a cashmere blanket with a book? VistaJet partners with Heywood Hills, a Royal Warrant boutique bookshop in Mayfair, to compile the largest library in the air for each of its aircraft, with a collection of literature by authors past and present.

Excellent service

To ensure you enjoy unparalleled service on every flight, every VistaJet flight has at least one Cabin Host and two pilots in the cockpit. Pilots fly only one type of aircraft to ensure maximum familiarity and safety. All VistaJet Cabin Hosts are trained by the British Butler Institute, Norland Nanny College in England and certified up to Level 2 in wine and spirits training with the Wine & Education Trust.

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