Jet Expo: New aircraft order to help serve increasing traffic between Russia and the rest of the world

VistaJet, the world’s premier luxury aviation provider, has expanded its fleet with a substantial order of new aircraft with a focus on longer haul jets, ideal to service the needs of Russian clients who remain a key part of the company’s growth and expansion strategy.

VistaJet, which is exhibiting at the Moscow-based Jet Expo (D180), has placed a firm order for an additional six new aircraft with a list value of US$277 million in order to meet growing demand for its luxury aviation services.

The jets, which include four ultra long-range Global Express XRS and two large cabin Challenger 605, are designed to meet the needs of customers who typically fly sectors of over six to- eight hours between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as new territories such as Africa.

Thomas Flohr said: “The recession and volatile oil prices have had a significant effect on the energy sector and this impacted the Russian market. However, a return to stability in oil prices has boosted the region’s energy companies and we have seen oil executives flying more than ever to meet their bankers, trading partners and visit facilities all over the world.
Interestingly, we’re seeing a lot more traffic between Russia and Africa, as well as the Middle East, and are seeing executives fly to Central and West Africa destinations such as the Congo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.
 We believe vectors between Europe and Africa, particularly from our Russian based customers, will continue to expand which is why we chose to take the strategic decision to establish a presence in Lagos, Nigeria, where we are able to service traffic seamlessly.
VistaJet is expanding and already this year we have flown more than 6,000 flights carrying 14.000 passengers. Our new order with Bombardier reflects the serious expansion of the business and its success in winning market share. It also facilitates VistaJet’s strict policy of maintaining a young fleet age profile, with an average age of less than two years and with no one individual aircraft being more than three years old.”

VistaJet has also launched a new client service department, dedicated to the provision of 24 hour service to its Russian On Demand charter customers. At the heart of this new service is a total “flight visibility” concept providing On Demand customers in the region with frequent updates covering weather conditions, limousine location and estimated flight arrival and departure times.

VistaJet’s emphasis on a luxury service coupled with a unique business model, which allows customers to partner with its entire fleet through two flight solutions Your Program or Your On Demand, has proved consistently popular in the Russian market and the company expects more customers to switch from the charter service to the guaranteed availability of block hours.

Thomas Flohr added: “Russian customers have always admired our luxury service and we are soon to unveil a cabin update which will exceed our already exceptional standards. As our customer base grows and our On-Demand utilization rates increase, our Russian clientele are increasingly becoming appreciative of the guaranteed availability available with our PROGRAM solutions. During peak weekends and high season, our customers in the region are realizing the value in a PROGRAM and we are seeing customers switch.”

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